El Boxeo the Movie


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El Boxeo tells the dramatic and timely story of the emergence and dominance of Latinos in what was once considered the traditional all-white sport of boxing. The film illustrates the evolution of the sport as Latino fighters exploded onto the scene. And, reveals how these immigrant pugilists redefined the world of boxing and established the west coast as the new mecca in the sport. El Boxeo is as much a film about Latinos in boxing as it is about the immigrant stories that reshaped the sport.

Cast members – Oscar De La Hoya, Jose Sulaiman (WBC), Sugar Ray Leonard, Bob Arum (Top Rank), Julio Cesar Sanchez, Francisco Valcarcel (WBO), Al Bernstein, Jimmy Lennon Jr., Roger Mayweather, Larry Merchant, Saul Alvarez, Chris Arreola, Sergio Martinez, Mia St. John, Bruce Trampler, Richard Steele, Hanna Gabriel, Pepe Correa, Orlando Canizales, etc.

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Brooklyn Boxing returns Saturday, June 14th

Brooklyn Boxing returns Saturday, June 14th as Welterweight Champion Ruslan Provodnikov defends his Junior Welterweight Title versus Long Island’s own undefeated Chris Algieri (19-0, 8ko’s)*

Provodnikov vs. Algieri

Also featured in the co main event high rising Demetrius Andrade (19-0) defending his 154’ pound title vs Brian Rose (25-1-1).

Thank you once again for your support of Brooklyn Boxing!

Provodnikov vs. Algieri

Saturday, June 14, 2014

No Fee Ticket Prices:
$186.00 each – regular price is $206.00 each, lower level center
$96.00 each – regular price is $106.00 each, lower level center
$78.00 each – regular price is $86.00 each, lower level endzones and mid-level center

$51.00 each – regular price is $56.00 each, lower level endzones

$31.00 each – regular price is $31.00 each 100’s

Click here to order tickets online or for more information

*Tickets will be e-mailed to you within minutes after purchase*

Best Regards,


Group Sales Account Manager

Brooklyn Nets
15 MetroTech Center, 11th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
phone 718.942.9669
fax 718.522.3381


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Ring 8 Minutes and Notes Tuesday, May 20, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with

DSC_0136 (2) (800x521)DSC_6209 (800x524)

Carmine singing the National Anthem followed by the 10 count by Paulette Balog and John Holden in the memory of all those who recently passed on, including Former WBA Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Ellis, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and Henry Hascup’s brother Ed.

President Duffy stated that several of our members are at the IBF Convention this week and won’t be here.

President Duffy stated that as of April 13th, Ring 8 is tax exempt. It took 2-1/2 years But we finally got it.

DSC_0124 (800x534)

President Duffy introduced Former World Champion Iran Brakley, who just turned 54 years old, Denise Saddler (Sandy’s daughter), Mrs. Bill Tate, Johnny Colon’s daughter Cheri, current Lightweight Mike Brooks, and Joe Dwyer, who is attending his first meeting of the year after an illness. He also introduced WBO Director Porfirio Betegon, Michael De La Rue, BWAA President Jack Hirsch, Alexis Arguello Jr., Boxing Judge John McKaie, Wheelchair Boxer Ian Cannon and Cara Castronuova who is a celebrity fitness trainer, athlete, motivation speaker, and television personality. She was featured as a head trainer on NBC’s hit “The Biggest Loser,” Season 11, where she helped propel the show to its highest ratings ever. She has been a spokesperson for Puma, and the only female spokesperson on Everlast’s extensive roster of champions. Castronuova is a former champion boxer and two-time Golden Gloves Champion.

President Duffy stated that we had 503 people attend the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame event back in March. Between both the Ring 8 and New York State Boxing Hall of Fame affairs generated a total sum of $70,000.

On Saturday June 21st, at 10:00am till 11:00am we will be unveiling the Emile Griffith Tombstone at St. Michael Cemetery in Astoria Blvd. Queens N.Y. followed by a lunching ceremony honoring the life and times of this great boxing legend, at The famous Waterfront Crabhouse, in Long Island City, Queens, N.Y. hosted by New York’s own Ring 8 Boxing Association. Everyone is welcome to come and honor & celebrate this great champion. The cost of the meal will be $10.00 dollars for each person so please come all and enjoy some great food & drinks and fun with all of the champ’s family and friends.

Ring 8 Picnic 2014

Sunday, July 27th Ring 8 will be having their annual picnic at Glen Cove. Tickets are ONLY $15 each, $5 for kids, up to $15, meaning if you bring 4 or more kids all you will pay is $15, kids under 10 are free.

President Duffy read a letter from Former Heavyweight Champion Pinklon Thomas, thanking Bob and Ring 8 for presenting his father a Ring 8 Championship Belt on his 100th birthday.

President Duffy also stated that the wife of Billy Backus passed away recently. She attended the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame affair in March when her husband was inducted.

DSC_0159 (2) (530x800)

WBO Director Porfirio Betegon talked about his time in boxing and praised President Duffy and Ring 8 for what they do. He also told a story on Michael Bentt.

DSC_0163 (4) (800x519)

Wheelchair Boxer Ian Cannon thanked Ring 8 and Joe Dwyer on what they did for him. He stated that Ring 8 is his New York home.

DSC_6241 (800x529)

Lightweight Mike Brooks stated that he had about 60 amateur bouts and is now 11-2 as a pro.

DSC_6246 (2) (522x800)

Cara Castronuova from the“The Biggest Loser” Season 11 and a 2 time New York Golden Glove Champion talked on her career and that she plans to box as a pro. She also worked on the book on Emile Griffith that Ron Ross wrote.

DSC_6251 (504x800)

Charlie Norkus, Jr., talked on Directors Alan Swyer’s documentary, “El Boxeo,” which took four years to make. Very shortly you can download the film on either the Ring 8 Web Site or their Facebook Page. You can even buy a DVD of the film, and Ring 8 will receive 25% of all sales.
“It’s a film about how boxing has become a Latino-dominated sport in the ring and in the stands,” Swyer said during a recent conversation with The Sporting Nation.
Since the 1980s with Roberto Duran, many of the top fighters in the sport are Latinos. After Duran came Hector “Macho” Camacho, the late Alexis Arguello, Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Juan Manuel Marquez and today, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Miguel Cotto and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., among others.

DSC_0179 (800x512)DSC_0187 (800x528)

President Duffy talked on the Bill Gallo scholarship fund in which we raised several $1,000′s thanks to a few donations from our members such as Charlie Norkus, Jr. President Duffy read off letters from both scholarship winners, Dagaberto Mederos, presented by Charlie Norkus Jr. and Ray Cuadrado, presented by Bobby Bartels, both received $1,000 each.
President Duffy introduced and thanked Gabe Perillo Jr. for his support.

DSC_0189 (2) (800x520)

BWAA President Jack Hirsch talked on the recent BWAA affair in Las Vegas which had all the leading boxing celebrities attend, including Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, Tim Bradley, Paul Williams, Freddie Roach, Ruslan Provodnikov among others. Jack then talked about the Mayweather fight and how they gave him a seat next to the last row. He stated that he asked them for a better one But it fell on deaf ears, but he did receive several calls during the next few days apologizing.

DSC_0196 (2) (800x520)

Jack thanked Bob Duffy for all he does and then introduced our guest speaker Alexis Arguello Jr., who is a producer for CBS Sports. Alexis talked on his late father, the former 3 time division World Champion, who told Jr to get an education, his father said, I boxed so you didn’t have too. Alexis did have about 14 or 15 amateur bouts But his boxing career stopped right their. He stated that he met Muhammad Ali who was his favorite fighter outside his father. He then told a story about when his family went to Don King’s house and Don greeted them while in his underwear. Alexis Jr. stated that his family was offended so he went into Don’s pool and did something that he has kept secret until now. I think you can guess on what he did, ha, ha!
Alexis produces 1/2 hour features for CBS on all sports. John Holden asked why the news don’t cover boxing the way they once did. He stated that he tries but to no avail.
Charlie Norkus Jr., asked what fights did he attend of his father. Alexis named several fights and stated that the only time his father talked trash is when he fought Billy Costello.

Stan & Girl Friend
Stan Janousek (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek) stated that he has a lot of DVD’s on his father.

Jack Hirsch asked Alexis about Roberto Duran. Alexis said that they got along very well except for this one time at an event, when Duran started trash talking at his father. His father was shocked, saying where is this coming from. Later he saw Duran by himself and asked him why, Duran said just in case we ever fight I people to think we don’t like each other.

President Duffy stated that when Alexis Arguello Sr., stopped Boom Boom Mancini, he went over to his father and told the senior Mancini that he should be very proud of his son, and the elder Mancini, he was.

DSC_0119_(800x502)[1]DSC_6210 (586x800)DSC_6211 (800x521)DSC_0136 (2) (800x521)DSC_0135 (2) (800x524)DSC_0134 (4) (800x521)DSC_6208 (2) (800x493)DSC_0147 (5) (800x634)DSC_0145 (4) (800x533)DSC_0142 (800x478)DSC_0141 (2) (800x453)DSC_0140 (4) (800x529)DSC_0139 (4) (800x555)DSC_0138 (4) (800x534)DSC_0137 (800x534)DSC_0133 (800x534)DSC_0132 (800x531)DSC_0130 (800x531)DSC_0129 (800x520)DSC_0128 (800x534)DSC_0127 (800x509)DSC_6209 (800x524)DSC_0126 (800x533)DSC_0125 (800x519)DSC_0124 (800x534)DSC_0123 (3) (800x516)DSC_0149 (5) (800x542)DSC_0153 (3) (800x567)DSC_0151 (4) (800x538)DSC_0158 (2) (800x557)DSC_0157 (5) (800x544)DSC_0156 (4) (800x579)DSC_0155 (4) (800x534)DSC_0154 (2) (800x520)DSC_6237 (800x529)DSC_0159 (2) (530x800)DSC_0162 (4) (800x530)DSC_0161 (4) (800x532)DSC_0160 (4) (800x515)DSC_0163 (4) (800x519)DSC_0171 (2) (800x588)DSC_0170 (2) (800x565)DSC_6249DSC_0171 (2) (800x588)DSC_0170 (2) (800x565)DSC_0169 (494x800)DSC_0168 (800x568)DSC_0167 (3) (800x507)DSC_0166 (3) (800x578)DSC_0164 (800x510)DSC_0168 (800x568)DSC_0169 (494x800)DSC_0172 (2) (800x519)DSC_0179 (800x512)DSC_0178 (4) (800x498)DSC_0177 (2) (800x509)DSC_0176 (800x515)DSC_0175 (3) (800x605)DSC_0174 (2) (800x445)DSC_0194 (800x534)DSC_0173 (2) (493x800)DSC_0182 (3) (800x512)DSC_0186 (800x587)DSC_0185 (800x575)DSC_0184 (800x508)DSC_0183 (2) (800x559)DSC_0188 (2) (800x611)DSC_0187 (800x528)DSC_0189 (2) (800x520)DSC_0191 (800x533)DSC_0190 (800x510)DSC_0192 (2) (800x521)DSC_0197 (2) (800x561)DSC_0196 (2) (800x520)DSC_0195 (800x532)DSC_0193 (3) (800x530)DSC_0198 (800x534)DSC_0209 (505x800)DSC_0207 (800x514)DSC_0206 (2) (643x800)DSC_0204 (2) (800x569)DSC_0203 (610x800)DSC_0202 (800x579)DSC_0201 (533x800)DSC_0200 (454x800)DSC_0199 (630x800)Ring 8 Picnic 2014DSC_6227DSC_6297 (530x800)DSC_6296 (2) (530x800)DSC_6295 (3) (800x519)DSC_6294 (3) (800x547)DSC_6293 (800x530)DSC_6291 (800x526)DSC_6290 (800x527)DSC_6289 (2) (800x525)DSC_6288 (4) (530x800)DSC_6286 (3) (800x514)DSC_6285 (4) (800x527)DSC_6284 (800x518)DSC_6283 (529x800)DSC_6282 (3) (526x800)DSC_6281 (3) (800x522)DSC_6280 (4) (800x528)DSC_6277 (4) (800x525)DSC_6276 (4) (800x516)DSC_6275 (800x516)DSC_6274 (800x514)DSC_6273 (4) (800x527)DSC_6269 (800x523)DSC_6266 (2) (800x509)DSC_6265 (2) (800x527)DSC_6251 (504x800)DSC_6250 (490x800)DSC_6249 (562x800)DSC_6248 (800x604)DSC_6247 (800x565)DSC_6246 (2) (522x800)DSC_6245 (2) (800x567)DSC_6244 (2) (800x528)DSC_6243 (3) (800x530)DSC_6241 (800x529)DSC_6240 (501x800)DSC_6239 (508x800)DSC_6238 (2) (800x521)DSC_6221 (800x518)DSC_6220 (2) (800x497)DSC_6219 (800x495)DSC_6218 (800x530)DSC_6217 (800x501)DSC_6216 (2) (650x800)DSC_6215 (800x545)DSC_6214 (800x591)DSC_6213 (800x548)DSC_6212 (800x525)DSC_0181 (800x499)DSC_0212 (800x519)DSC_0220 (800x510)DSC_0219 (800x512)DSC_0218 (2) (800x513)DSC_0217 (800x516)DSC_0216 (800x520)DSC_0215 (800x520)DSC_0214 (2) (800x512)DSC_0213 (2) (800x513)DSC_0216DSC_0215DSC_0213 (2)DSC_0221 (800x532)DSC_0222 (800x534)DSC_0223 (800x532)DSC_0221

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Alexis Arguello Jr. and Johnny Turner are the Guest Speakers this Tuesday Night.

Alexis Arguello Jr., pictured on the right, will be coming to Ring 8 on Tuesday to be a guest speaker.  He has worked for CBS sports for some time now.  He will talk about that and field questions on his dad.
In addition to Alexis, Johnny Turner, a popular welterweight from the late 1970’s and early 80’s will speak.  He boxed Wilfred Benitez and appeared in the movie Raging Bull.
Also we will be giving away two awards for the Bill Gallo scholarship Fund the recipients Dagaberto  Mederos and Ray Cuadrado  will be on hand
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Unveiling of Emile Griffith’s Tombstone Ceremony at St. Michael Cemetery in Astoria Blvd. Queens N.Y.


Hello to all for those who knew my father six-times boxing champion Emile Griffith. On Saturday June 21st, at 10:00am till 11:00am I Luis R. Griffith, (son) will be holding an unveiling of my father’s tombstone ceremony at St. Michael Cemetery in Astoria Blvd. Queens N.Y. followed by a lunching ceremony honoring the life and times of this great boxing legend Emile Griffith, at The famous Waterfront Crabhouse, in Long Island City, Queens, N.Y. hosted by New York’s own Ring 8 boxing association. So everyone is welcome to come and honor & celebrate this great champion. The cost of the meal will be $10.00 dollars for each person so please come all and enjoy some great food & drinks and fun with all of the champ’s family and friends.

Luis Rodrigo Griffith

Henry Hascup's photo.


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Ring 8 Minutes and Notes Tuesday, April 15, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with Carmine singing the National Anthem followed by

DSC_9790 (2) (800x564) DSC_9796 (800x569)

the 10 count by Paulette Balog and John Holden in the memory of all those who recently passed on.

DSC_9797 (2) (800x519)

President Duffy stated that Eddie Claudio’s daughter was married on the same day as the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame affair and he also thanked Frank Pena and John Holden for helping out that day. President Duffy stated that we received World Wide media coverage on the event and stated that we flew in several of the honorees which no other organization does.

President Duffy stated that we will not be having our meetings at the Plattduetsche until after the summer because the Board voted not to do so.

DSC_9798 (2) (800x520)

Frank Pena thanked President Duffy on a wonderful affair. He then talked about our annual picnic that will be held in Glen Cove on Sunday, July 27th. The price will be $20 for adults, $5 for kids, up to $15, meaning if you bring 4 or more kids all you will pay is $15.

President Duffy talked on the USA Association of USA Boxing and thanked Eddie Claudio for his help.

DSC_9821 (800x534)

NY State Commissioner Edwin Torres stated that Bob Duffy was doing a Great job and thanked him for all he does. Commissioner Torres stated that he is 83 years old and he goes back to the 1930′s as far as boxing goes. He stated that he wanted to be a fighter, he even fought in the Golden Gloves years ago. He stated that he had the pleasure of meeting and shaking the hands of Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey and Walker Smith, who fought under the name of Sugar Ray Robinson.

DSC_5023 (2)

NY State Commissioner John Signorile praised Commissioner Torres and Boxing Judge John McKaie, who was in Las Vegas last weekend Judging a fight on the under card of the Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley fight. Charlie Norkus asked about what was going on with the NYSAC. John stated that they will announce everything on May 1st. President Duffy talked on the New Excutive Director of the NYSAC David Berlin.


John Holden talked on how wonderful it is getting signed autographs on boxing gloves. It not only gives the person that has the gloves a thrill But the fighters that sign them are grateful as well.


Boxing Judge John McKaie talked on the Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley fight. He stated that Bob Arum’s office called him to tell him that he was working the show several days before the even. John stated that he didn’t know he was until that time. Someone asked John how did he score the fight. He said that he was sitting in the back so he couldn’t see it very good but after 6 rounds he had it even, But he thought Manny won the last 5 of 6 rounds so he scored it 8 to 4 (116-112). He also stated that Las Vegas does it like no one else, it’s an amazing experience.


Veteran Glover Giuseppe Pena introduced an Amateur Boxer and then Diane Caramanno talked about her son, Anthony Caramanno, who won 3 New York Golden Glove Titles and recently won his first Pro fight in January. Anthony is scheduled to fight again on May 17th.

DSC_9828 (800x514)

Stan Janousek (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek) who takes all our pictures for this web site, talked on the 2 tickets he won at the last meeting. He stated that the seats were way in the back and he couldn’t take any close up pictures. He asked President Duffy if Ring 8 could help him out so he can get right at ringside like the other photographers. Frank Pena stated that he told Stan that he needs to apply for a press pass like all the other photographers do. Stan again asked if Ring 8 could help him out with this. President Duffy told him that it’s not up to Ring 8, it’s up to the promoters and that he has to through the process like everyone else.

President Duffy stated that we will have a raffle and the winner will get 2 Free tickets to the May 17th show.

DSC_9784 (2) (522x800)DSC_9793 (2) (800x534)DSC_9792 (2) (800x522)DSC_9791 (800x508)DSC_9790 (2) (800x564)DSC_5012 (2)DSC_9795 (2) (800x521)DSC_5014 (3)DSC_9796 (800x569)DSC_9797 (2) (800x519)DSC_9798 (2) (800x520)DSC_5015DSC_9799 (2) (800x534)DSC_9838 (800x534)DSC_9837 (800x534)DSC_9819 (800x534)DSC_5017 (4)DSC_9818 (800x520)DSC_9817 (800x534)DSC_9816 (800x534)DSC_9815 (800x534)DSC_9814 (800x524)DSC_9813 (800x526)DSC_9812 (800x534)DSC_9811 (800x533)DSC_9810 (800x521)DSC_9809 (2) (800x548)DSC_9808 (2) (800x518)DSC_9807 (2) (800x520)DSC_9806 (2) (800x564)DSC_9805 (2) (800x547)DSC_9804 (2) (800x521)DSC_9803 (2) (800x534)DSC_9802 (2) (800x505)DSC_5022 (2)DSC_9801 (800x531)DSC_5025 (2)DSC_9800 (800x508)DSC_5021DSC_5019 (4)DSC_5018DSC_9820 (800x524)DSC_9821 (800x534)DSC_5024 (2)DSC_5023 (2)DSC_9822 (2) (800x534)DSC_5034 (2)DSC_9823 (800x534)DSC_5028DSC_9824 (800x505)DSC_9825 (800x505)DSC_9829 (800x534)DSC_9830 (800x510)DSC_5030DSC_5029DSC_9833 (800x534)DSC_9831 (800x514)DSC_9832 (800x531)DSC_9831 (800x514)DSC_5031 DSC_5032DSC_9836 (800x528)DSC_5033DSC_9828 (800x514)DSC_5044DSC_5046DSC_5038DSC_5072

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New York State Boxing Hall of Fame 3rd Annual Induction Ceremonies

Approx 500 boxing people showed up at the 3rd Annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame, which was a Great Success!



(L-R) Seated – Mustafa Hamsho, Tracy Patterson, Billy Backus, Gene Moore, Howard Davis Jr and Juan LaPorte; Standing – Steve Farhood, Keven Kelley, Lou DiBella, Teddy Atlas and Gerry Cooney.

Above photo by Peter Frutkoff

The following pictures were taken by Stan Janousek  (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek)


The Class of 2014

DSC_8892 (800x521)

Master of Ceremonies David Diamante

DSC_9239 (800x521)

President of the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Bob Duffy

DSC_8904 (800x516)

Paulette Balog led the Flag Salute & John Holden gave the 10 Count

DSC_8942 (2) (800x555)

Billy Backus being Inducted by Boxing Historian Don Majeski

DSC_8976 (800x504)

The daughter & son of Floyd Patterson accepting the Award from President Duffy

DSC_8991 (800x497)

Kevin Kelly being Inducted by Heavyweight Contender Vinnie Maddalone

DSC_8998 (2) (800x531)

Lou DiBella accepting his Award

DSC_9031 (800x534)

Gerry Cooney being Inducted by Bobby Cassidy Jr. and Sr.

DSC_9069 (2) (800x543)

Steve Farhood being Inducted by Gordon Hall

DSC_9072 (2) (800x553)

Henry Hascup Inducts Lou Ambers, Jack Britton, Terry McGovern, Whitey Bimstein & William Muldoon

DSC_9117 (2) (800x465)

Mustafa Hamsho being Inducted by Steve Farhood

DSC_9131 (800x518)

Gene Moore being Inducted by Bobby Cassidy Jr. and Sr.

DSC_9141 (2) (800x538)

Teddy Atlas being Inducted by his daughter

DSC_9157 (800x512)

Juan LaPorte being Inducted by BWAA President Jack Hirsch

DSC_9170 (800x521)

Tracy Harris Patterson being Inducted by President Bob Duffy

DSC_9192 (2) (800x534)

Henry Hascup Inducted Tom O’Rourke with his Great Grand Robert Miles accepting the Award

DSC_9233 (800x530)

Jack Hirsch Inducting Angelo Prospero

DSC_9234 (800x510)

Boxing Judge Ron McNair accepting the Award for Angelo Prospero

New York State Boxing Hall of Fame

 Class of 2014 Induction Ceremony a KO


(L-R) Seated – Mustafa Hamsho, Tracy Patterson, Billy Backus, Gene Moore, Howard Davis Jr and Juan LaPorte; Standing – Steve Farhood, Keven Kelley, Lou DiBella, Teddy Atlas and Gerry Cooney.

(All photos take for this article were taken by Peter Frutkoff)) 


NEW YORK CITY (April 1, 2014) – A sold-out crowd turned out this past Sunday night to honor 20 members of the Class of 2014 inducted into the third-year New York State Boxing Hall of Fame (NYSBHOF), sponsored by Ring 8, at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York.


“This was our largest crowd we’ve ever had with more than 500 people,” Ring 8 & NYSBHOF president Bob Duffy said.  “Everyone was so receptive, commenting about how much they enjoyed the ceremony, and there was a lot of emotion displayed. The whole point of starting the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame was to recognize New Yorkers in boxing and to honor them for their contributions.  New York has been the centerpiece of boxing for the past 50 years.  Some of our inductees may not have been international stars, but they helped make boxing what it is in New York.  We wanted to do the right things and recognize the New York guys who made boxing was it is today.”


Living boxers inducted into the NYSBHOF were Tracy Harris (63-8-2, 43 KOs), the former WBC/IBF Super Featherweight Champion from New Paltz; former WBC/WBA Welterweight Champion Billy Backus (49-20-5, 23 KOs), of Canastota; former WBC Featherweight Champion Kevin Kelley, of Flushing, Queens; former WBC Featherweight Champion Juan LaPorte (40-17, 22 KOs), of Brooklyn; Huntington’s World Heavyweight title challenger Gerry Cooney (28-3, 24 KOs), Brooklyn’s two-time World Middleweight title challenger Mustafa Hamsho (44-5-2, 28 KOs) and Glen Cove’s Howard Davis, Jr. (36-6-1, 14 KOs), a 1976 Olympic gold medalist as well as Outstanding Boxer, and a three-time World Lightweight title challenger.


Posthumous participants inducted were two-time World Heavyweight Champion Patterson (55-8-1, 40 KOs), of Brooklyn, World Lightweight Champion Lou Ambers (91-8-7, 28 KOs), of Herkimer; three-time World Welterweight Champion Jack Britton (239-57-44), of Clinton; and World Featherweight Champion Terry McGovern (55-8-1, 40 KOs), of Brooklyn.


Living non-boxers inducted were ESPN boxing commentator and trainer Teddy Atlas, of Staten Island; promoter Lou DiBella (DiBella Entertainment), of Brooklyn; boxing historian and Showtime analyst Steve Farhood, of Brooklyn; trainer and Sunnyside Gardens matchmaker Gene Moore, of Queens; and boxing writer/historian Angelo Prospero, of Rochester.


Deceased non-boxers in the Class of 2014 are trainer/cutman Whitey Bimstein, of Manhattan’s Lower East Side; legendary trainer Cus D’Amato (Bronx and Catskill), who launched the career of “Iron” Mike Tyson as well as Floyd Patterson and Jose Torres; trainer William Muldoon (Belfast/Caneadea and Westchester County), who was also the first Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission; and manager Tom O’Rourke, of New York City.  


(L-R) – NYSBHOF inductee Howard Davis, Jr. and presenter Steve Farhood 


HOWARD DAVIS JR.: “I want to thank Bob Duffy for putting on such a great ceremony.  I want to dedicate my career to my father.  I dedicated my gold medal (Olympics) to my mother who died three days before my first fight.  A coach looked me straight in the eyes and said, what would your mother want you to do?  The last thing she said to me was I better bring back that gold.  I made a promise to my mother that I do it.  I felt the only way I wouldn’t is if I died in the ring.  I was into music when I was young.  One day my father asked me if I wanted to go the movies with him.  He didn’t say the name of the movie.  It was in 1971, ‘AKA: Cassius Clay.’ It moved me to teats and to get up at 4:30 to run the next morning.  I’d never run before.  My father trained my amateur team and a few became pros.  I fired him later in my career and I still regret that.  He (Howard David Sr.) was a great trainer.  I said was because he passed away three years ago due to complications from diabetes.  I also want to dedicate this to my children who didn’t see me as much as could be because of my training.  And to my wife, Carla Davis, who been there through the good and the bad.  It’s wonderful being here.  I got to see some guys I hadn’t seen in a long time like Tony Santana.  We fought in the 1970′s Golden Gloves together but not against each other.  Tracy Patterson, Kevin Kelley and Gerry Cooney, who I go way back with.”


(L-R) – NYSBHOF & Ring 8 president Bob Duffy, NYSBHOF inductee Tracy Patterson and presenter Brian Burke 


TRACY PATTERSON:  “I want to thank everyone for supporting this big event.  Without a doubt I had a tremendous role model (father Floyd Patterson).  Dad was my super hero.  We’d see him put on a suit and go down to the city and then he’d be at the gym later that night.  He was a very special man.  I can’t thank him enough for what he did.  I want people to know he did real good things for me that I’ll never forget.  I miss him very much.” 


(L-R) – Presenter Jack Hirsch and NYSBHOF inductee Juan LaPorte 


JUAN LAPORTE:  “I finally got here, huh?  I want to thank these guys up here.  I wish the best to the Class of 2014.  This is my world, this is what I love.  A lot of guys forget where they came from.  I didn’t and you guys will always be with me.  I miss a lot of Ring 8 guys, my trainer, Emile Griffith, who aren’t here today with us but they will always have my back.”

(L-R) – NYSBHOF & Ring 8 president Bob Duffy and NYSBHOF inductee Teddy Atlas 


TEDDY ATLAS:  “I have five tables of friends and family, some have come from Las Vegas and Florida, and I’m proud to have them here.  Boxers don’t always get the same respect athletes in other sports do.  All they need are loyal fans and boxing fans are the best.  Cus (D’Amato) didn’t believe in long visits home because you’d be away from the gym.  Nearly 40 years later in the fight game, I think I’ve done okay.  I want to thank my wife, Elaine, and my children Nicole and Teddy.  You can’t win any fight without a good corner and my family has given me the best. There are some people here today who are part of my life and family.”



(L-R) – Presenter Bobby Cassidy Sr., NYSBHOF inductee Gene Moore and presenter Bobby Cassidy Jr. 


GENE MOORE:  “Who is Gene Moore?  Nobody knew but I’m here anyway.  Boxing’s a great game.  I used to go to fights with my father in the ’40s…..1840s.  I’ve been doing this 40 years and it’s been a great trip.”


(L-R) – NYSBHOF inductee Mustafa Hamsho and presenter Steve Farhood 


MUSTAFA HAMSHO:  “I want to thank everyone for this.  I saw two guys here I go back 35 years with, John Turner and Bobby Cassidy, Sr.  I’d also like to thank my family and friends for supporting me.”


(L-R) – NYSBHOF inductee Steve Farhood and presenter Gordon Hall 


STEVE FARHOOD:  “I’m a little emotional right now.  Any mentions of Nick Charles does that to me.  This honor is very special to me.  I’m a typical New Yorker and proud of it.  I’ve never been away from New York for more than two weeks.  This is special being inducted with friends like Teddy Atlas and Lou DiBella.  And with the exception of Billy Backus, I’ve covered all of these guys.  For 36 years it’s been boxing all day, every day for me and I’ve never been bored.  I’ve been blessed.”

(L-R) – Presenter Bobby Cassidy Jr., NYSBHOF inductee Gerry Cooney and presenter Bobby Cassidy Sr.


GERRY COONEY:  “It’s great being up here today.  I’ve had a great life.  I see a lot of old guys who used to be fighters.  I had some great fights and I’ll always be connected with Larry Holmes.  I’m blessed, especially coming from my background.  This is a miracle.  There I was one night fighting in Madison Square Garden for the heavyweight championship of the world.  What a life! I got to know fighters like (Willie) Pep, (Carmen) Basilio, (Jake) LaMotta, (Muhammad) Ali, (Kenny) Norton….  I was recently diagnosed with CRS.  Do you know what that is?  Can’t remember s***.  I will forever be connected to you guys.”


(L-R) – NYSBHOF inductee Lou DiBella and presenter Steve Farhood 


LOU DIBELLA: “It’s an honor sitting here on this dais with so many New York men I’ve known and each I can call a friend.  I’m proud to be part of New York boxing. We’re part of a great sports that sometimes stumbles and forgets it’s the king of sports with a lot of angels.  Kevin Kelley got me started at HBO.  He handed me a pencil with Flushing Flash’ and said there were a lot of hungry fighters like him to put on better shows.  Guys like, him Tracy (Patterson), Arturo Gatti, and others.  Teddy (Atlas) told me to be true to yourself and, Teddy, I hope I’ve done that. I bought two tickets for this dinner for my parents; my father passed away and my mother’s in the hospital with a broken hip.  I’m going to bring this (belt) to her.”




(L-R) — Presenter Vinnie Maddalone and NYSBHOF inductee Keven Kelley  


KEVIN KELLEY:  “Without you guys, like Howard Davis and Juan LaPorte, I wouldn’t be here.  I wouldn’t have been in boxing.  I’d like to thank everyone.”


(L-R) — NYSBHOF inductee Billy Backus and presenter Don Majeski 


BILLY BACKUS:  “In my older days I’m getting a little emotional.  When they (NYSBHOF) called, again, I got a little emotional on the phone.  Thank you all.  I appreciate being her with this class.”


Supporting the Class of 2014 were past NYSBHOF inductees such as Iran Barkley (2012), Mark Breland (2013), Jimmy Glenn (2012) and Harold Lederman (2013).  Other dignitaries in attendance included boxers Vinnie Maddalone and Steve Bujaj, Showtime executive Gordon Hall and legendary trainer Al Certo.


Each attending inductee received a custom-designed belt signifying his induction into the NYSBHOF.  Plaques honoring each class are on display at the New York State Athletic Commission and Waterfront Crabhouse.  Ring 8 also plans to build a monument in Long Island City with every NYSBHOF inductee’s name inscribed.


The 2014 inductees were selected by the NYSBHOF nominating committee members:  Jack Hirsch, Bobby Cassidy, Jr., Don Majeski, Henry Hascup, Ron McNair and Neil Terens.


All boxers needed to be inactive for at least three years in order to be eligible for NYSBHOF induction, and all inductees must have resided in New York State for a significant portion of their boxing careers.

(L-R) — Master of Ceremonies Dave Diamante and NYSAC Chairperson Melvina Lathan 


Go on line at www.Ring8ny.com for additional information about the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame.



CLASS of 2012: Carmen Basilio, Mike McCallum, Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, Riddick Bowe, Carlos Ortiz, Vito Antuofermo, Emile Griffith, “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney, Benny Leonard, Tony Canzoneri, Harold Lederman, Steve Acunto, Jimmy Glenn, Gil Clancy, Ray Arcel, Nat Fleischer, Bill Gallo and referee Arthur Mercante, Sr.


CLASS of 2013: Jack Dempsey, Johnny Dundee, Sandy Saddler, Maxie Rosenbloom, Joey Archer, Iran Barkley, Mark Breland, Bobby Cassidy, Doug Jones, Junior Jones, James “Buddy” McGirt, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Bob Arum,  Shelly Finkel, Tony Graziano,  Larry Merchant, Teddy Brenner, Mike Jacobs, Tex Rickard, and Don Dunphy.


About Ring 8: Formed in 1954 by an ex-prizefighter, Jack Grebelsky, Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association – hence, RING 8 – and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.


RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.


Go on line to www.Ring8ny.com for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, the third Tuesday of every month, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership.



Bob Trieger, Full Court PRESS, 978.664.4482, bobtfcp@hotmail.com, @FightPublicist


      The following pictures were taken by Stan Janousek  (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek)

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