News12 Brooklyn will Air Last Nights Meeting at 6 PM tonight


Just to let you know, News12 Brooklyn will feature a short piece on the dinner, and speaker Danny Jacobs on Wednesday, May 20th, after 6:30 PM on News12 Brooklyn. That should air for the rest of the evening if people miss the first airing at 6:30 PM.

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Danny Jacobs & Harold Weston Guest Speakers This Tuesday, May 19th at O’Neill’s

Daniel Jacobs & Harold Weston

Ring 8 Guest Speakers Tuesday night in New York


NEW YORK (May 18, 2015) – World Boxing Association (WBA) Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs and 2015 New York State Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Harold Weston will be tomorrow night’s (Tuesday, May 19) special Ring 8 guest speakers at O’Neill’s Restaurant, located at 64-21 53rd Drive in Maspeth, New York, with a buffet meal starting at 7 PM.

Jacobs (29-1, 26 KOs), fighting out Brooklyn, is an inspiration having overcome cancer to become world champion. An outstanding amateur boxer, Jacobs was a gold medal winner at the 2003 Junior Olympics National, 2004 & 2005 National PAL, 2004 & 2005 National Golden Gloves tournaments.

Last August, Jacobs captured the vacant WBA 160-pound division world champion, stopping Jarrod Fletcher (18-1) in the fifth round.  In his first world title defense this past April, Jacobs registered a win by 12th round technical knockout over Caleb Truax (25-1-2) in Chicago.

Weston (26-9-5, 7 KOs) had an outstanding professional boxing career until he retired in 1979 after his fight with Thomas Hearns.  Weston’s most notable victory was against world champion (and fellow NYSBHOF inductee) Vito Antuofermo in 1973, by way of a fifth-round technical knockout due to cuts.  Weston fought draws with two other world champions, Saoul Mamby, who was also inducted into the NYSBHOF Class of 2015, and Wilfredo Benitez.

ABOUT RING 8:  Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association — hence, RING 8 — and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.

RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.

Go on line to for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, excluding July and August.  All active boxers, amateur and professional, with a current boxing license or book are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership.  Guests of Ring 8 members are welcome at a cost of only $7.00 per person.

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4th Annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Ceremonies Another Success!


360 boxing fans and family members showed up for the 4th Annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Ceremonies.

The Living Inductees


4th Annual NY State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Dinner NYC-2015:

Mauricio Sulaiman President WBC honors the Legacy of Joseph Dwyer-2015 :


Bruce Silverglade owner of World Famous Boxing Gym Gleason’s NY-2015 :
DSC_4907 (800x559)

Living Inductees with the Nominating Committee

DSC_4910 (2) (800x510)

The Living Inductees with the Board of Directors

DSC_4904 (800x506)

Living Inductees with Posthumous Family members

DSC_4922 (800x534)

David Diamante

DSC_4919 (534x800)

Jack Hirsch

DSC_4924 (800x520)

Melvina Lathan

DSC_4916 (800x534)

John Holden with the 10 Count

DSC_6229 (800x515)

Harold Weston with David Diamante, Jack Hirsch and Melvina Lathan

DSC_4937 (800x519)

Lonnie Bradley with Bobby Cassidy Sr. and Bobby Cassidy Jr.

DSC_4942 (800x553)

Saoul Mamby

DSC_4995 (800x534)

The family of Billy Graham with Diamante, Henry Hascup, Charlie Norkus & President Bob Duffy

DSC_4956 (800x534)

Don Majeski accepting the Award for Micheal Katz, standing with Diamante and

DSC_5091 (800x540)

Joey Giambra Sr and Jr.

DSC_5099 (2) (800x527)

Bob Miller with Diamante, Lathan and Tommy Gallagher

DSC_5016 (800x533)

Ron Scott Stevens accepting the award for Cedric Kushner, standing with Diamante, Lathan and Cedric’s family member

DSC_4981 (532x800)

Bruce Silverglade

DSC_5034 (2) (800x545)

Tommy Gallagher with Diamante, Gina Andriolo, Lathan and Tommy wife

DSC_5121 (800x502)

Diamante, Rich Blake who made the presentation and wrote the book on Jimmy Slattery, with Jimmy’s Great Grand-kids and Lathan

DSC_5138 (800x561)

Bob Duffy with his wife Mary, Diamante, Ron McNair, Lathan and Keith Sullivan

DSC_5142 (800x512)

Neil Terens Inducts Harry Markson, Jimmy Johnston, Charlie Goldman, Al Weill, Damon Runyon and Johnny Persol

DSC_4939 (800x534)

Henry Hascup Inducts Frankie Genero, Paul Berlenbach and Tommy Ryan

DSC_5181 (800x547)

The WBC gives President Bob Duffy a Special Award

DSC_5155 (800x598)

The Family of the late Joe Dwyer

DSC_5170 (800x534)

The Family of the late Tony Mazzarella

DSC_5184 (800x531)

A FINAL 10 Count by John Holden in Memory of Joe Dwyer and Tony Mazzarella

DSC_5176 (800x574)

President of the WBC Mauricio Sulaiman accepts the Father Son Award on behalf of his Father, the late Jose Sulaiman, and himself

DSC_5190 (800x643)

Photographer Peter Frutkoff and Boxing Writer Bob Trieger accepts a pair of Special Awards, standing with Diamante and President Bob Duffy

img338DSC_4900 (2) (800x557)DSC_4914 (800x534)DSC_4913 (800x550)DSC_4910 (2) (800x510)DSC_4908 (2) (800x507)DSC_4907 (800x559)DSC_4906 (2) (800x527) DSC_4905 (800x561)DSC_6216 (800x516)DSC_4904 (800x506)DSC_4903 (2) (800x516)DSC_4902 (800x545)DSC_4901 (2) (800x607)DSC_4930 (2) (800x530)DSC_4929 (2) (800x519)DSC_4928 (2) (800x534)DSC_4927 (2) (800x534)DSC_4926 (2) (800x683)DSC_4924 (800x520)DSC_4923 (800x521)DSC_4922 (800x534)DSC_4921 (800x547)DSC_4920 (800x431)DSC_4919 (534x800)DSC_4917 (800x571)DSC_4916 (800x534)DSC_4915 (800x515) - CopyDSC_4944 (800x509)DSC_4943 (800x534)DSC_4940 (800x534)DSC_4939 (800x534)DSC_4942 (800x553)DSC_4941 (800x481)DSC_4938 (800x508)DSC_4937 (800x519)DSC_4936 (800x512)DSC_4935 (800x513)DSC_4934 (2) (800x524)DSC_4933 (800x533)DSC_4932 (515x800)DSC_4931 (800x534)DSC_4960 (800x573)DSC_4958 (513x800)DSC_4957 (800x532)DSC_4956 (800x534)DSC_4955 (2) (800x526)DSC_4949 (800x524)DSC_4950 (800x534)DSC_4954 (2) (800x531)DSC_4953 (800x521)DSC_4952 (800x523)DSC_4951 (800x523)DSC_4947 (800x591)DSC_4946 (800x534)DSC_4945 (800x525)DSC_4976 (800x550)DSC_4975 (800x546)DSC_4974 (2) (800x523)DSC_4973 (800x505)DSC_4972 (800x468)DSC_4971 (800x507)DSC_4970 (800x512)DSC_4969 (800x530)DSC_4968 (800x597)DSC_4967 (800x610)DSC_4966 (800x534)DSC_4965 (2) (800x533)DSC_4964 (800x532)DSC_4963 (800x567)DSC_4990 (2) (800x534)DSC_4989 (800x532)DSC_4988 (2) (800x534)DSC_4987 (800x494)DSC_4986 (800x532)DSC_4985 (2) (800x534)DSC_4984 (800x514)DSC_4981 (532x800)DSC_4980 (800x570)DSC_4979 (800x523)DSC_4978 (800x586)DSC_4977 (800x532)DSC_5006 (2) (800x520)DSC_5005 (2) (800x528)DSC_5004 (2) (800x557)DSC_5003 (2) (647x800)DSC_5002 (2) (523x800)DSC_5001 (613x800)DSC_5000 (800x504)DSC_4983 (800x534)DSC_4991 (800x524)DSC_4992 (800x541)DSC_4999 (800x613)DSC_4998 (800x532)DSC_4997 (800x566)DSC_4995 (800x534)DSC_4994 (800x534)DSC_4993 (800x533)DSC_5020 (800x534)DSC_5019 (2) (800x464)DSC_5018 (800x468)DSC_5017 (800x542)DSC_5016 (800x533)DSC_5015 (2) (800x517)DSC_5014 (2) (800x533)DSC_5013 (800x576)DSC_5012 (800x569)DSC_5011 (2) (800x522)DSC_5010 (2) (800x510)DSC_5009 (2) (800x589)DSC_5008 (2) (800x577)DSC_5007 (2) (800x523)DSC_5034 (2) (800x545)DSC_5033 (2) (800x517)DSC_5032 (2) (800x536)DSC_5031 (2) (800x533)DSC_5030 (800x502)DSC_5029 (800x601)DSC_5028 (530x800)DSC_5027 (800x532)DSC_5026 (800x524)DSC_5025 (800x534)DSC_5024 (800x534)DSC_5023 (2) (800x531)DSC_5022 (800x531)DSC_5021 (800x532)DSC_5048 (800x495)DSC_5047 (800x395)DSC_5046 (800x464)DSC_5045 (507x800)DSC_5044 (2) (533x800)DSC_5043 (2) (800x766)DSC_5042 (2) (800x699)DSC_5041 (2) (532x800)DSC_5040 (2) (800x523)DSC_5039 (2) (567x800)DSC_5038 (2) (672x800)DSC_5037 (2) (800x509)DSC_5036 (2) (800x732)DSC_5035 (2) (800x534)DSC_5064 (517x800)DSC_5063 (800x519)DSC_5062 (800x534)DSC_5061 (800x532)DSC_5060 (800x518)DSC_5059 (800x514)DSC_5058 (530x800)DSC_5057 (516x800)DSC_5056 (800x533)DSC_5054 (800x518)DSC_5053 (800x522)DSC_5052 (800x531)DSC_5051 (800x513)DSC_5050 (510x800)DSC_5049 (706x800)DSC_5078 (448x800)DSC_5077 (751x800)DSC_5076 (550x800)DSC_5075 (758x800)DSC_5074 (561x800)DSC_5073 (502x800)DSC_5072 (702x800)DSC_5071 (513x800)DSC_5070 (800x519)DSC_5069 (672x800)DSC_5068 (534x800)DSC_5067 (673x800)DSC_5066 (800x528)DSC_5065 (800x519)DSC_5092 (2) (800x532)DSC_5091 (800x540)DSC_5090 (800x572)DSC_5089 (800x595)DSC_5088 (800x585)DSC_5087 (800x551)DSC_5086 (800x546)DSC_5085 (800x529)DSC_5084 (800x547)DSC_5083 (800x550)DSC_5082 (800x504)DSC_5081 (800x490)DSC_5107 (800x561)DSC_5106 (800x548)DSC_5105 (800x582)DSC_5104 (800x499)DSC_5103 (800x482)DSC_5102 (2) (800x484)DSC_5101 (2) (800x582)DSC_5100 (2) (800x575)DSC_5099 (2) (800x527)DSC_5097 (2) (715x800)DSC_5096 (2) (691x800)DSC_5095 (2) (526x800)DSC_5094 (2) (800x534)DSC_5093 (2) (800x520)DSC_5121 (800x502)DSC_5120 (800x532)DSC_5119 (800x507)DSC_5118 (800x475)DSC_5117 (781x800)DSC_5116 (781x800)DSC_5115 (728x800)DSC_5114 (800x516)DSC_5113 (800x516)DSC_5112 (800x532)DSC_5111 (800x523)DSC_5110 (800x528)DSC_5109 (800x580)DSC_5108 (800x566)DSC_5135 (800x524)DSC_5134 (800x515)DSC_5133 (800x533)DSC_5132 (800x517)DSC_5131 (800x614)DSC_5130 (800x585)DSC_5129 (800x566)DSC_5128 (800x644)DSC_5127 (800x471)DSC_5126 (800x587)DSC_5125 (800x523)DSC_5124 (800x439)DSC_5123 (800x579)DSC_5122 (800x553)DSC_5164 (800x520)DSC_5163 (800x458)DSC_5162 (800x507)DSC_5161 (2) (800x474)DSC_5160 (800x558)DSC_5159 (800x532)DSC_5158 (800x526)DSC_5157 (800x532)DSC_5156 (800x534)DSC_5155 (800x598)DSC_5154 (800x532)DSC_5152 (800x551)DSC_5151 (800x542)DSC_5150 (800x581)DSC_5149 (800x608)DSC_5148 (800x543)DSC_5147 (800x534)DSC_5146 (800x581)DSC_5145 (800x608)DSC_5144 (2) (577x800)DSC_5143 (552x800)DSC_5142 (800x512)DSC_5141 (530x800)DSC_5140 (513x800)DSC_5139 (800x563)DSC_5138 (800x561)DSC_5137 (800x520)DSC_5136 (800x530)DSC_5193 (800x530)DSC_5192 (2) (800x641)DSC_5191 (800x710)DSC_5190 (800x643)DSC_5189 (800x588)DSC_5188 (800x549)DSC_5187 (800x490)DSC_5186 (800x559)DSC_5185 (800x547)DSC_5184 (800x531)DSC_5183 (800x549)DSC_5182 (800x513)DSC_5181 (800x547)DSC_5180 (800x577)DSC_5179 (800x505)DSC_5178 (800x574)DSC_5177 (800x553)DSC_5176 (800x574)DSC_5175 (800x571)DSC_5174 (800x564)DSC_5173 (800x595)DSC_5172 (800x609)DSC_5170 (800x534)DSC_5169 (800x634)DSC_5168 (800x681)DSC_5167 (800x533)DSC_5166 (800x479)DSC_5165 (800x439)DSC_5201 (800x688)DSC_5200 (538x800)DSC_5199 (603x800)DSC_5198 (800x534)DSC_5197 (800x534)DSC_5196 (575x800)DSC_5195 (630x800)DSC_5194 (800x524)DSC_6219 (800x529)DSC_6218 (800x529)DSC_6214 (800x516)DSC_6213 (800x528)DSC_6212 (800x497)DSC_6210 (800x528)DSC_6209 (800x529)DSC_6208 (800x529)DSC_6206 (800x511)DSC_6205 (800x519)DSC_6204 (800x512)DSC_6203 (800x510)DSC_6232 (529x800)DSC_6231 (800x530)DSC_6230 (800x521)DSC_6229 (800x515)DSC_6226 (605x800)DSC_6225 (800x530)DSC_6224 (743x800)DSC_6223 (608x800)DSC_6222 (517x800)DSC_6221 (554x800)DSC_6220 (800x511)DSC_4879_(800x515)[1]DSC_4880_(800x533)[1]DSC_6230_(800x521)[1]DSC_6231_(800x530)[1]DSC_6232_(529x800)[1]DSC_6309_(651x800)[1]DSC_6310_(521x800)[1]DSC_6311_(502x800)[1]DSC_6312_(800x582)[1]DSC_6313_(800x518)[1]DSC_6317_(800x517)[1]DSC_6318_(800x513)[1]DSC_6319_(800x515)[1]DSC_6320_(800x521)[1]DSC_6321_(800x504)[1]DSC_6332_(800x530)[1]DSC_6333_(800x526)[1]DSC_6334_(800x525)[1]DSC_6335_(800x530)[1]DSC_6336_(800x548)[1]DSC_6337_(800x519)[1]DSC_6339_(800x529)[1]DSC_6340_(516x800)[1]DSC_6342_(640x800)[1]DSC_6344_(791x800)[1]DSC_6345_(800x726)[1]DSC_6349_(800x497)[1]DSC_6350_(800x452)[1]DSC_5080 (800x533)DSC_5079 (800x499)DSC_4912 (507x800)DSC_4889 (2) (800x533)DSC_4899 (800x522)DSC_4898 (2) (510x800)DSC_4897 (2) (534x800)DSC_4896 (2) (800x521)DSC_4895 (2) (800x511)DSC_4894 (2) (800x521)DSC_4893 (2) (800x532)DSC_4892 (2) (800x504)DSC_4891 (2) (800x532)DSC_4890 (2) (523x800)DSC_4888 (2) (800x520)DSC_4887 (2) (800x517)DSC_4886 (2) (800x534)DSC_4885 (2) (800x534)DSC_4884 (2) (515x800)DSC_4883 (2) (800x518)DSC_4865 (800x501)DSC_4866 (800x520)DSC_4867 (522x800)DSC_4869 (800x520)DSC_4868 (800x533)DSC_4882 (2) (800x534)DSC_4877 (800x533)DSC_4881 (800x522)DSC_4879 (800x515)DSC_4863 (800x533)DSC_4864DSC_4864 (800x519)DSC_4864 (800x519)DSC_4863 (800x533)DSC_4876 (800x508)DSC_4875 (800x532)DSC_4874 (800x524)DSC_4873 (800x525)DSC_4872 (800x534)DSC_4871 (800x534)DSC_4870 (800x521)

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Ring 8 Minutes and Notes Tuesday, April 21, 2015

President Bob Duffy stated that Carmine’s wife passed away so he led us in the Flag Salute


followed by the 10 count by Paulette Balog and John Holden.

 Duffy thanked everyone for coming to the 1st meeting at O’Neill’s since the Crabhouse closed down.

Duffy introduced all the VIP members and stated that at the BWAA last year he sat with Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. Felipe Gomez donated tickets for the up-coming Pro Show to Ring 8 and the St. John’s Home for Boys.


Ed Post showed a shirt that will be made for Ring 8 and the club will profit $5 a shirt.


BWAA will be holding their 90th Annual Awards ceremonies this Friday night, April 24th and our very own Jack Hirsch, who is also the out going President of the BWAA, will be receiving the Barney Nagler Award for Long and Meritorious Service. Jack talked about the Award he was receiving from the BWAA. He also talked about having the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame at the Commissioners office. Melvina stated that she dedicated a wall just for that.

Duffy talked on the New York State Boxing hall of Fame which takes place on Sunday, April 26th. He also named all the Committee members. He also stated that we will be honoring the families of Tony Mazzarella and Joe Dwyer, who both passed away recently. Ring 8 will also be honoring WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman and his late father Jose. They will be getting the Father/Son Award.

A former boxer by the name of Jock Lewis was killed in an accident and Ring 8 will be putting up a plaque in his memory at the Westbury Boxing Gym this Thursday, April 23rd.


 Melvina Lathan, the New York Boxing Commissioner, will be receiving an Award from the Mayweather Organization in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 2nd and will attend the BIG Fight with Mayweather and Pacquiao. She talked about how it came about as they picked ONLY 3 women.

Duffy stated that starting in September all members will be charged $5 per meeting to help pay for the expenses, including the buffet. The dues per year will stay at $30.


Guest Speaker Rich Blake stated that his father use to talk about Jimmy Slattery, and that all the boxing writer loved him. When Rich’s father passed away he found tons of material on Slattery that his father had. he stated the both former Heavyweight Champions, Gene Tunney and James J. Braddock stated that Slattery was the best pure boxer they saw. Slattery was a 2 times Light Heavyweight Champion who died broke. Rich also talked about the Harry Wills/Jack Dempsey on again off agin fight, which never took place. He stated that Slattery fought on the same boxing card as Wills and the film makers showed the Slattery film instead of Wills. Rich has writen a book on Jimmy Slattery and stated that he would give a $10 discount for all Ring 8 members.

Duffy talked on the memorabilia that the Crabhouse has and what is to become of it.

O’Neill’s is going to give us some space for some pictures and memorabilia.


Frank Pena stated that the Fishing Club in Glen Cove will be showing the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, all you want to eat,  for ONLY $10. He also stated that there running another event on May 16th and the money will go to kids for a fishing trip.

Raffle was for 2 tickets to the fights on May 30th


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Next Meeting this Tuesday, April 21st at O’Neill’s – Guest Speaker Rich Blake

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 21st at O’Neill’s Restaurant, located at 64-21 53rd Dr, Maspeth, NY 11378. The guest speaker will be veteran boxing journalist Rich Blake.

About Rich Blake

A veteran journalist based in New York City, Blake is the author of Slats: The Legend & Life of Jimmy Slattery to be published by No Frills Buffalo in May. Blake is best known for covering the financial world at numerous publications, including Institutional Investor, and Reuters HedgeWorld. Blake was a co-founder and executive editor of Trader Monthly magazine. The 46-year-old Buffalo native is the author of two nonfiction books, The Day Donny Herbert Woke Up and Talking Proud: Rediscovering the Magical Season of the 1980 Buffalo Bills. He is the co-author of a third work of nonfiction, Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager.

About Slats: The Legend & Life of Jimmy Slattery (Coming in May)
Jimmy Slattery the personification of the Golden Era of sports in the boom/bust 1920s and ’30s. Boxing legend Jimmy Slattery: sleek, handsome, lightning-fast. A phantom in the ring, “Slats” soared across the national stage like a comet — then crashed into oblivion. Discarded by the ages, this is the incredible true story of the Irish boy-wonder who captivated the boxing world at its peak.

Some Early Reviews:
“Rich Blake’s labor of love is the boxing genre’s newest classic … it roars like the Twenties.”
—Angelo Prospero, boxing historian

Rich Blake’s fondness for boxing phenom Jimmy Slattery infuses every page of this spellbinding tale. Through a spectacular work of journalism, Blake has reclaimed the forgotten history of a life that is both uniquely American and singularly astonishing. I kept asking myself, ‘Why have I never heard of Jimmy Slattery before?’ What a truly remarkable tale . . . delightfully told.”
—Ty Wenger, deputy editor, ESPN The Magazine

“ Blake’s deeply detailed narrative on Slattery transports you into the ring with one of Buffalo’s most beloved professional athletes. Readers will be knocked out by the rise and fall of this remarkable figure.”
—Tim Bohen, author of “Against the Grain: The History of Buffalo’s First Ward”

What Blake will discuss
Recounting his research into Slattery’s early burst to fame in the metropolitan area during the spring of 1924, Blake will share some highlights of what he uncovered, tying in Queens fight promoter Simon “Si” Flaherty, the Queensboro A.C. in Long Island City and the Queensboro bowl which was expanded in the spring of 1924 as part of efforts by Si Flaherty and Paddy Mullins to land a Jack Dempsey-Harry Wills fight (that never came off) … learn the story of how the New York City fire department condemned the club’s stadium built at the base of the Queensboro bridge, and how Flaherty managed to get around that. Blake: “The night Slats made his New York debut he was on the undercard of a historic main event: Harry Wills versus Bartley Madden of Hell’s Kitchen. Wills won but failed to knock him out, bruising his chances at getting a crack at Dempsey. Slats was the darling of the evening.”

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Next Ring 8 Meeting, Tuesday, April 21st at O’Neill’s Restaurant, Maspeth, NY.


Several members have asked when the next Ring 8 meeting will be. Our next meeting will take place at O’Neill’s Restaurant, located at 64-21 53rd Dr, Maspeth, NY 11378 with a buffet meal starting at 7 PM. We hope to see you all their!

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New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Information

* The 4th annual NYSBHOF induction dinner will be held Sunday afternoon (12:30-5:30 p.m. ET), April 26, at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York.

Ring 8 - 2015 Flier-2

Living boxers heading into the NYSBHOF are Bronx-born and Brooklyn resident Saoul Mamby (45-34-6, 19 KOs), a World Boxing Council (WBC) junior middleweight champion (1980-82) and Vietnam Veteran, Buffalo middleweight Joey Giambra (65-10-2, 31 KOs), Brooklyn light heavyweight and 1961 National Golden Gloves champion Johnny Persol (22-5-1, 7 KOs), two-time world welterweight title challenger Harold Weston (26-9-5, 7 KOs), and World Boxing Organization (WBO) middleweight champion (1995-97) and 1992 National Golden Gloves winner Lonnie Bradley (29-1-1, 21 KOs), of Harlem.

Posthumous participants being inducted are world light heavyweight champion (1925-26) Paul “Astoria Assassin” Berlenbach (40-8-3, 33 KOs), “uncrowned” world welterweight champ Billy Graham (102-15-9, 102 KOs) from Manhattan’s East Side, two-time world flyweight champion (1929 & 1931) and 1920 Olympic gold medallist Frankie Genaro, Redwood’s world welterweight (1898-94) and Syracuse middleweight (1998-1907) champion Tommy Ryan (90-6-11, 71 KOs), and Buffalo’s world light heavyweight champion (1925 & 1930) Jimmy Slattery (114-13, 51 KOs).

Non-participants heading into the NYSBHOF are former NYSAC deputy commissioner and promoter, as well as current NYSBHOF/Ring 8 president Bob Duffy, former New York Times and New York Daily News boxing columnist Mike Katz, Albany promoter/cutman Bob Miller, owner of the world renown Gleason’s Gym, Bruce Silverglade and longtime trainer and one of the stars of the TV Show “The Contender” Tommy Gallagher.

Posthumous non-participants inductees are Brooklyn trainer Charley Goldman (28-6-2, 19 KOs) who also fought professionally in the early 1900’s, Madison Square Garden matchmaker Jimmy Johnston, Madison Square Garden president Harry Markson, of Kingston, celebrated Bronx sportswriter Damon Runyon, manager/matchmaker Al Weill & elite promoter Cedric Kushner, who just recently passed away.

For more information contact President Bob Duffy, 164 Lindbergh St., Massapequa Park, NY 11762 – 516-313-2304

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