Ring 8 Picnic this Sunday in Glen Cove

Ring 8 Picnic 2014

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Special Announcement- Boxers to receive health insurance through ObamaCare and Medicaid



The New York State Athletic Commission is hosting an Open House for boxers that live and train in NYS to receive health insurance through ObamaCare and Medicaid.

Many boxers do not have health insurance, and most boxers get injured during training. The NYSAC will provide you with as much information as possible about health insurance options so that you can train with peace of mind without having to worry about how to pay a hospital bill or a prescription for medicine when you get injured.

Read the attached flyer about the Open House. This is a great opportunity.

Work with the New York State Athletic Commission and help protect


When: July 21st and July 30th from 9-5pm

Where: New York State Athletic Commission

123 William Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10038

Walk-ins are welcome. However, you should call ahead of time to make an appointment and find out what you need to bring. To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions, please contact NYSAC at 212-417-5700

Health Care for Boxers

Health Care for Boxers2


Bobby Gagliardi (Gleason)                                                               Bobby Gagliardi (Gleason)

Old Timers
Old Time Champions

Freddie Brown & Bob Pastor

                                                     Bob Pastor and Freddie Brown 1938

Ali & Dundee                                                     Angelo Dundee with Muhammad Ali

Graziano & Volpe

Bob Foster

Jake & Joey LaMotta

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Honoring Emile Griffith with a Tombstone

Ring 8 Memorial - Emile Griffith1

Article appeared in the Woodside Herald  – WOODSIDE, L.I.C., N.Y. FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2014

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Emile Griffith Tombstone Dedication

Emile Griffith Tombstone Dedication

Emile Griffith Tombstone Dedication1


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Ring 8 Minutes and Notes Tuesday, June 17, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with

DSC_7030    DSC_7034 (3)

Danny Gant singing the National anthem followed by the 10 count by Paulette Balog and John Holden in the memory of all those who recently passed on.


President Duffy talked on the up-coming picnic in Glen Cove on July 27th.

President Duffy stated that Ring 8 gave out two $1,000 scholarships last month and also talked on several other donations that were given out by Ring 8 over the last few months.

President Duffy thanked BWAA President Jack Hirsch for supplying our guest speakers last month.

President Duffy congratulated Chris Algieri on winning the WBO Light Welterweight Title with a 12 round decision over Ruslan Provodnikov.

DSC_7189 (2)       DSC_7037 (3)

President Duffy talked on the up-coming unveiling of Emile Griffith’s Tombstone. Emile’s son Louis also talked on the event which will take place on Saturday, June 21st at the St. Michael Cemetery in Elmhurst, Queens starting at 10 AM. We will then have a luncheon at the Crabhouse at a cost of only $10 per person, Ring 8 will pick up the rest of the cost.

DSC_7040 (2)

Ron Ross, the Author of the book, 9, 10 and out, the Two Lives of Emile Griffith, talked on a Opera that was based on Emile’s life. Ron talked on several of Emile’s fights, stating that Emile was the God Father for Nino Benventi’s son’s. as well as Joe Frazier’s son Marvis.

Ron talked on Emile’s fight with Armando Muniz and how Emile carried him and kept telling him to fight back the best he can. He also talked on Emile’s fight with Brian Curvis, when Brian’s wife was scared for her husband. Emile sent Brian’s wife a hat that Emile designed himself, then proceeded to beat Brian up.

Ron stated that Howie Albert and Gil Clancy were like fathers to Emile and they never needed a contract, a hand shake was good enough.

Ron also stated that Emile sung at his 40th wedding anniversary.

President Duffy introduced several VIP members of Ring 8.

President Duffy stated that Ring 8 will not have any meetings in July or August, But we will be back in September. He also stated that the October meeting will be held at the Plattduetsche Restaurant, Franklin Square, New York.

The Ring 8 Holiday Party will be on Sunday, December 14th at Russo’s on the Bay.

Dues will be going up to $35 in January.

DSC_7044 (3)

President Duffy introduced our first guest speakers from Philadelphia, undefeated Jr. Middleweight Contender Julian Williams, and his trainer/manager Stephen Edwards. Williams stated that he had a Great time at last years Ring 8 affair and stated that his next fight will be at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn on August 19th.

He was asked about the Chris Algieri/Ruslan Provodnikov fight. Julian stated that he thought the decision could have gone either way.

Stephen Edwards talked on some of the Philadelphia gyms, which aren’t the same as they once were.

A question was asked Julian, if you could fight anyone, who would that be. He stated whoever offers the most money. Williams stated that he likes fighting at the Barclays Center. Another question was if they offered you a fight with Cotto, would you take it, his answer was YES! Another question was do you know anyone who has refused signing with Al Haymon, his answer was NO!

A question to his trainer/manager Stephen Edwards was what id Julian’s great strengths and weaknesses. He stated that he puts all his eggs in 1 basket, it’s all or nothing. He is a little hard headed, he has bad eating habits so he has trouble keeping his weight down.

He was asked about same day weigh-ins, he stated that trainers don’t like it But their should be a cap on how much weight you can gain before the fight.

Williams, who started boxing at the age of 12, is coming along very will and his goal is to become the undisputed Jr. Middleweight Champion of the World.

Another question to Williams was how does his family feel about him boxing. He stated that his mother really don’t like it But has accepted it. They also stated that he looked up to Bernard Hopkins and how boxing changed his life.

DSC_1541 (532x800)

The next guest speaker was the former WBO Middleweight Champion Lonnie Bradley, who’s career was cut short because of a detached retina. Lonnie stated that he knew President Bob Duffy for about 25 years. He told Julian to stay focused and one day he can be a Champion in the ring but more important, to be a Champion outside the ring as well.

Question was asked about his toughest fight, Lonnie stated that it was early in his career when he fought Ken Wallace in a 4 rounder. He stated that by fight time Wallace out weighed him by 15 pounds. He stated that he had 2 trainers during his career. As an Amateur he had Ron Johnson and when he went pro Bobby Cassidy became his trainer.

He became a fan after watching the Muhammad Ali /Joe Frazier 3 and Sugar Ray Leonard/Wilfred Benitez fights and told everyone that he was going to be a boxer. He started when he was 18 years old by boxing in the New York Golden Gloves. He was a 3-Time New York Golden Gloves Champion and the 1992 National Golden Gloves Champion. He had between 60-70 Amateur fights losing Only 5 of those fights.

Question was asked about him fighting Roy Jones Jr. He stated that Jones was scheduled to fight Mike McCallum. McCallum wanted $1 Million But HBO Only offered $600,000, so Bradley said that he would fight Jones for $600,000, But McCallum finally excepted the offer by HBO. Lonnie also talked on Ronald “Winky”Wright.

He grew up playing several other sports including football, basketball and baseball before taking up boxing.

He talked on his manager Dave Wolf, saying that he knew his business.

Lonnie now works with kids at the Mendez Gym. Ring 8 will donate several pairs of gloves and hand wraps to the Mendez Gym.

Sparkle Lee stated that she had another place to go tonight But when she read that Lonnie Bradley was going to be our guest speaker she changed her plans. She then thanked the Bradley family for being a Big part of her life.

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Ring 8 honoring the late Emile Griffith in NY on Saturday, June 21st

Ring 8 will co-host a memorial service for Hall of Fame boxer Emile Griffith (85-24-2, 23 KOs) tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 21 at 10 a.m.) at St. Michael Cemetery in East Elmhurst, New York. His son, Luis Griffith, and family will also co-host the ceremony.

The cemetery is located off Astoria Avenue and Griffith’s gravesite is in Section 19, located near the administration building. His tombstone references him being a Ring 8 member as well as its board member for 20 years.

The beloved Griffith died last July 22 at the age of 75. Born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, he moved to New York City, where he was a standout amateur boxer. In 1958, he won the New York Daily News, New York Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, and Intercity Golden Gloves.

His 19-year professional career started in 1958 and ended in 1977. Griffith was a five-time World welterweight and two-time World middleweight champion. Emile’s impressive list of fighters he defeated includes Nino Benvenuti, Dick Tiger (2), Joey Archer (2), Bennie Briscoe, Florintino Fernandez, Gasper Ortega (2), Benny Paret (2), Gypsy Joe Harris, Denny Moyer (2), Don Fullmer and Luis Manuel Rodriguez (3).

In 1985, Griffith was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, followed five years later by his induction into the inaugural class of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Prior to his death, he was inducted into the inaugural class of the New York State Hall of Fame, sponsored by Ring 8, in 2012.

Following Saturday’s service, Ring 8 will host a luncheon for only $10.00 per person at historic Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City, New York.

About Ring 8: Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association – hence, RING 8 – and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.

RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.

Go on line to http://www.ring8ny.com/ for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, the third Tuesday of every month, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership.

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Lonnie Bradley, Julian Williams and Stephen Edwards will be our guest speakers tomorrow night.


Lonnie Bradley, the former WBO Middleweight Champion. who’s career was cut short because of a detached retina, will be one of our Guest speakers tomorrow night at the Crabhouse.

Julian Williams, undefeated Jr. Middleweight Contender and his trainer/manager Stephen Edwards will also be among the speakers.

Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings,starting at 7 PM, on the third Tuesday of every month, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership.


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