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Ring Minutes and Notes Tuesday, April 15, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with Carmine singing the National Anthem followed by

DSC_9790 (2) (800x564) DSC_9796 (800x569)

the 10 count by Paulette Balog and John Holden in the memory of all those who recently passed on.

DSC_9797 (2) (800x519)

President Duffy stated that Eddie Claudio’s daughter was married on the same day as the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame affair and he also thanked Frank Pena and John Holden for helping out that day. President Duffy stated that we received World Wide media coverage on the event and stated that we flew in several of the honorees which no other organization does.

President Duffy stated that we will not be having our meetings at the Plattduetsche until after the summer because the Board voted not to do so.

DSC_9798 (2) (800x520)

Frank Pena thanked President Duffy on a wonderful affair. He then talked about our annual picnic that will be held in Glen Cove on Sunday, July 27th. The price will be $20 for adults, $5 for kids, up to $15, meaning if you bring 4 or more kids all you will pay is $15.

President Duffy talked on the USA Association of USA Boxing and thanked Eddie Claudio for his help.

DSC_9821 (800x534)

NY State Commissioner Edwin Torres stated that Bob Duffy was doing a Great job and thanked him for all he does. Commissioner Torres stated that he is 83 years old and he goes back to the 1930′s as far as boxing goes. He stated that he wanted to be a fighter, he even fought in the Golden Gloves years ago. He stated that he had the pleasure of meeting and shaking the hands of Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey and Walker Smith, who fought under the name of Sugar Ray Robinson.

DSC_5023 (2)

NY State Commissioner John Signorile praised Commissioner Torres and Boxing Judge John McKaie, who was in Las Vegas last weekend Judging a fight on the under card of the Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley fight. Charlie Norkus asked about what was going on with the NYSAC. John stated that they will announce everything on May 1st. President Duffy talked on the New Excutive Director of the NYSAC David Berlin.


John Holden talked on how wonderful it is getting signed autographs on boxing gloves. It not only gives the person that has the gloves a thrill But the fighters that sign them are grateful as well.


Boxing Judge John McKaie talked on the Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley fight. He stated that Bob Arum’s office called him to tell him that he was working the show several days before the even. John stated that he didn’t know he was until that time. Someone asked John how did he score the fight. He said that he was sitting in the back so he couldn’t see it very good but after 6 rounds he had it even, But he thought Manny won the last 5 of 6 rounds so he scored it 8 to 4 (116-112). He also stated that Las Vegas does it like no one else, it’s an amazing experience.


Veteran Glover Giuseppe Pena introduced an Amateur Boxer and then Diane Caramanno talked about her son, Anthony Caramanno, who won 3 New York Golden Glove Titles and recently won his first Pro fight in January. Anthony is scheduled to fight again on May 17th.

DSC_9828 (800x514)

Stan Janousek (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek) who takes all our pictures for this web site, talked on the 2 tickets he won at the last meeting. He stated that the seats were way in the back and he couldn’t take any close up pictures. He asked President Duffy if Ring 8 could help him out so he can get right at ringside like the other photographers. Frank Pena stated that he told Stan that he needs to apply for a press pass like all the other photographers do. Stan again asked if Ring 8 could help him out with this. President Duffy told him that it’s not up to Ring 8, it’s up to the promoters and that he has to through the process like everyone else.

President Duffy stated that we will have a raffle and the winner will get 2 Free tickets to the May 17th show.

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Ring Minutes and Notes Tuesday, March 18, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with Carmine singing the National Anthem followed by

DSC_4314 (2) (800x609)DSC_4317 (2) (800x511)








the 10 count by Paulette in the memory of all those who recently passed on, including Lou DiBella’s father Pete. Ring 8 will present his family a Ring 8 Glove.

DSC_7797 (800x534)

Danny Gant, Ring 8′s Amateur Official of the Year, talked on several other Amateur and Pro Officials and stated years ago they use to call him Dancing Dan, now they just call him Dan. He then announced that it was time for him to step down as an Official and he announced his retirement. President Duffy thanked Dan for his many years of service.

President Duffy introduced New York Marathon race director Leo Nicholas.

DSC_7810 (800x534)

Frank Pena talked on an upcoming New York Golden Glove Show at Glen Cove next Thursday, March 27th.

DSC_7812 (800x532)

President Duffy talked on the recent Ring 8 New York Golden Glove Show which was held at the Plattduetche Park Restaurant, 1132 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, New York. The show raised approx. $1400. President Duffy thanked all those who attended especially Charlie Norkus Jr who made a generous donation. He also stated that Charlie was selected as our newest Board member.


President Duffy talked on the upcoming New York State Boxing Hall of Fame affair next Sunday, March 30th at Russo’s on the Bay. He stated that it was close to a complete sellout and if anyone still wanted tickets that they better hurry. All Ring 8 members the price will be $125, all others $150.

DSC_7814 (524x800)

President Duffy introduced Robert Miles, the Great Grand Son of one of our Inductees, Tom O’Rourke.

President Duffy talked on having a few of our monthly meetings at the Plattduetche. He stated that we would have 6 meetings at the Crabhouse and 3 meetings at the Plattduetche. The reason is that we can reach out to a lot more people.

President Duffy stated that in May we will be inviting all the finalist of the New York Golden Gloves to come to our meeting.

Frank Pena talked on our Annual picnic which will be held on Sunday, July 27th in Glen Cove. The price will be $20 for adults, $5 for kids, up to $15, meaning if you bring 4 or more kids all you will pay is $15.

DSC_4334 (2) (515x800)

President Duffy introduced NY State Commissioner John Signorile. John congratulated Charlie Norkus and talked on the recent passing of New York Boxing Inspector Felix “Figgy” Figuora. He then talked about getting more people getting involved in Ring 8. He also talked on several Officials who were in attendance including Eddie Claudio & Danny Gant. President Duffy also talked on several other Pro Officials in attendance including John McKaie, Robin Taylor and Carlos Ortiz Jr.

DSC_7820 (800x534)

Stan Janousek (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek), who takes all our pictures at the meetings and affairs, stated that were missing many old-time fighters that use to come, and asked how we can go about on getting them back.

DSC_4338 (800x529)

Harold Lederman asked how do we get in contact with the families of our deceased honorees. President Duffy stated word of mouth, and also stated that Henry Hascup is a Big help.

Harold then talked on several HBO Shows that are coming up, including the rematch of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. He stated that he had Manny winning 11 rounds to 1 and he lost. He also talked on the Miguel Cotto and Sergio Gabriel Martinez fight at Madison Square Garden, which the catch weight is 159 pounds.

Frank Pena asked Harold if there any up and coming fighters that he thought had a future that come from this area. Harold stated that he liked Frank Galarza, who recently stopped John Thompson in the 2nd round. He also likes Tommy Gallagher’s fighter Gabriel Bracero, who is said to have a title bout lined up against Danny Garcia. Harold is also very high on Sean Monaghan.

DSC_7825 (800x532)

Eddie Claudio talked on Julian Williams who just scored a knockout the night before.

Stan Janousek stated that he was very disappointed that very few Ring 8 members showed up for our Golden Glove Show.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 15th.

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Ring Minutes and Notes Tuesday, February 18, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with the Flag Statue followed by


John Holden telling short stories on John Carter and Felix “Figgy” Figuora, who both passed away recently.


That was followed by the 10 count by Paulette in the memory of all those who recently passed on.

President Duffy stated that a few of the Ring 8 members went to Felix “Figgy” Figuora’s wake were them gave a 10 count and presented the family with a Glove Statue.


Keith Sullivan talked about an addition in our By-Laws in order to get a Tax Exempt Number. It will be in Section 3 and the addition will be on the people we give too. Those making under $40,000 (80%) and those making under $25,000 (50%).


President Duffy talked on the Wayne Kelly tribute that took place a few weeks ago, and that Ring 8 donated over $300 in items.

Our NY Golden Glove Show which was postponed because of the snow will take place on Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 7:30 PM and it will be at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant located at 1132 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square , NY – 1/2/ mile east of Belmont racetrack and the proceeds will go to the Bill Gallo Scholarship Fund.

President Duffy talked on our up-coming New York Boxing Hall of Fame affair and went over all the inductees. He also stated that the tickets are going fast.

New Legion Boxing Productions has donated 2 tickets for their up-coming boxing show at the Resorts World Casino, Queens, New York on Saturday, April 5th.

President Duffy introduced boxing matchmaker Joe Quiambao.


Frank Pena talked on a Golden love Show at Glen Cove High School on March 27th for the benefit of “Mom’s Who Kick.” Frank also introduced Wendy Sincuir who will be boxing in the Golden Gloves in the 152 pound weight class.

President Duffy talked on our Annual picnic which will be held in Glen Cove.

President Duffy introduced our first guest speaker Dr. David Levine, who is a Chiropractic Physician.

Dr. Levine focuses on “pain management treatment,” and has found a method to diminish conditions, like muscle spasms, and restriction of motion, which result in pain. He uses a manual technique, he said. He came to master these techniques because of his dad. He said that his dad, also a chiropractor, who he termed his best friend, was diagnosed about six years ago with stage four pancreatic cancer.

“When he got the diagnosis, Dr. Levine was devastated,” he called doctors all over the country, pain management people, oncologists, and they said the only real way to treat his pain was through narcotics.” Levine’s father had pain in his abdomen, and the son developed his techniques to try and alleviate his dad’s discomfort. “This is a story of a son who was devastated by his fathers’ condition,” the son said. “A story of love, and tragedy, to triumph. Out of this really horrific situation– he died in a hospice and Dr. Levine slept 14 days beside him– this came about. As a result of his intense love for his dad the silver lining is a new, potentially revolutionary pain management method. Really, my life and career are a tribute to my dad, Dr. Robert Levine.”

He has worked on 100′s of athletics from the NFL, NBA and now with boxers such as Zab Judah, ex heavyweight champion Leon Spinks, through his wife, and ex junior welter champ Johnny Bumphus, who all attest on tape to Levine’s skills.

His methods only takes minutes to work and has donated his service to all the Veterans coming back from the wars. Boxing writer Michael Woods just wrote an article on Dr. Levine which you can read by going to the following link. –

Harold Lederman asked how does he do it. Dr. Levine explained some of his treatments. Harold talked on some hand specialists and that it takes time to heal. Lenny Mangiapane asked if he took Medicare.
President Duffy introduced all the well known boxing people in attendance.

BWAA President, Jack Hirsch talked on Ring 8, our President Bob Duffy and the Brooklyn Nets and Boxing Ring Announcer David Diamante, and what a Great job their doing.
Jack continued to talk on the New Legion Boxing Productions and Luis Collazo’s 2nd round knockout over Victor Ortiz. Jack stated that Louie talked to the kids a his wife’s school. He also talked about Louie’s boxing career and how he overcame some pitfalls to become a World Champion and after his Great win over Ortiz is on his way back again.


Collazo’s co-manger Wilson Naranjo thanked Ring 8 and then


Luis Collazo talked on how we all face defeat but we have to get back up. Wilson and Collazo’s long-time trainer


Nirmal Lorick introduced the rest of the New Legion Boxing Productions.


Danny Gant also stated that Ring 8 was doing great things.
President Duffy gave out Ring 8 hats to them all.

Frank Pena, who was the inspector in Collazo’s corner when he fought Ortiz, stated that it was a pleasure working with the. They were all class acts.

Felipe Gomez talked on their up-coming boxing show at the Resorts World Casino, Queens, New York on Saturday, April 5th. Most of the boxers that attended tonight will be boxing on that show.


Harold Lederman talked on Collazo’s bouts with Berto and Hatton and then told the story on how he introduced the CEO of Golden Boy, Richard Schaefer to Collazo and told Richard how good he was, a little while later Golden Boy signed Collazo.

DSC_7034_(2)_(800x532)[1]DSC_2381_(2)[1]DSC_2382_(2)[1]DSC_7033_(2)_(800x521)[1]DSC_7138_(800x515)[1]DSC_2426_(2)[1]DSC_2424_(2)[1]DSC_7038_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7044_(2)_(800x519)[1]DSC_7036_(2)_(800x704)[1]DSC_7037_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7043_(2)_(800x548)[1]DSC_7042_(800x534)[1]DSC_7041_(2)_(800x523)[1]DSC_7040_(800x525)[1]DSC_7039_(800x533)[1]DSC_7045_(2)_(800x532)[1]DSC_7046_(2)_(800x515)[1]DSC_7059_(800x534)[1]DSC_7058_(800x571)[1]DSC_7057_(800x501)[1]DSC_7056_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_2384_(2)_(800x517)[1]DSC_2385_(2)[1]DSC_7054_(800x521)[1]DSC_7053_(800x534)[1]DSC_7052_(800x556)[1]DSC_7051_(800x534)[1]DSC_7050_(800x523)[1]DSC_7049_(800x518)[1]DSC_7048_(800x534)[1]DSC_7047_(800x521)[1]DSC_7060_(495x800)[1]DSC_2398_(2)[1]DSC_2399_(3)[1]DSC_7075_(2)[1] DSC_7074_(2)_(800x521)[1]DSC_7073_(2)[1]DSC_7072_(2)_(800x533)[1]DSC_7071_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7070_(2)_(800x537)[1]DSC_7068_(2)_(800x523)[1]DSC_7066_(2)_(800x527)[1]DSC_7065_(800x471)[1]DSC_7064_(800x533)[1]DSC_7063_(800x534)[1]DSC_7062_(800x522)[1]DSC_7088_(2)_(800x588)[1] DSC_7087_(2)_(800x581)[1]DSC_7086_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7085_(2)_(800x581)[1]DSC_7084_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7083_(2)_(800x515)[1]DSC_7082_(2)_(800x529)[1]DSC_7085_(2)_(800x581)[1]DSC_7084_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7083_(2)_(800x515)[1]DSC_7082_(2)_(800x529)[1]DSC_7080_(2)_(580x800)[1]DSC_7079_(2)_(583x800)[1]DSC_7077_(2)_(800x532)[1]DSC_7078_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7076_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7078_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7077_(2)_(800x532)[1]DSC_7086_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7097_(2)_(800x549)[1]DSC_7098_(2)_(534x800)[1]DSC_7096_(2)_(800x544)[1]DSC_7095_(2)_(800x567)[1]DSC_7144[1]DSC_7094_(2)_(800x565)[1]DSC_7093_(2)_(800x512)[1]DSC_7092_(2)_(800x512)[1]DSC_7091_(2)_(800x514)[1]DSC_7090_(2)_(800x513)[1]DSC_7089_(2)_(800x531)[1]DSC_7088_(2)_(800x588)[1]DSC_7087_(2)_(800x581)[1]DSC_7099_(468x800)[1]DSC_7114_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7112_(2)_(800x620)[1]DSC_7111_(2)_(800x525)[1]DSC_7110_(800x607)[1] DSC_7108_(800x521)[1]DSC_7107_(2)_(800x533)[1]DSC_7106_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7105_(2)_(800x518)[1]DSC_7104_(2)_(800x514)[1]DSC_7103_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7101_(800x531)[1]DSC_7100_(520x800)[1]DSC_7132_(800x526)[1]DSC_7131_(800x616)[1]DSC_7129_(800x501)[1]DSC_7123_(2)_(800x515)[1] DSC_7122_(2)_(800x533)[1]DSC_7121_(2)_(800x529)[1]DSC_7120_(2)_(800x533)[1]DSC_7119_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7118_(2)_(800x519)[1]DSC_2447[1]DSC_7117_(2)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7116_(2)_(800x523)[1]DSC_7115_(2)_(800x530)[1]DSC_7140_(800x534)[1]DSC_7154_(559x800)[1]DSC_7153_(800x548)[1]DSC_7151_(505x800)[1]DSC_7149_(800x555)[1]DSC_7148_(800x534)[1]DSC_7147_(800x579)[1]DSC_7145_(800x534)[1]DSC_7144_(800x466)[1]DSC_7143_(800x562)[1]DSC_7142_(800x533)[1]DSC_2386_(2)[1]DSC_2396_(2)[1]DSC_2395_(2)[1]DSC_2394_(2)[1]DSC_2393_(2)[1]DSC_2404_(2)[1]DSC_2392_(2)[1]DSC_2391_(2)[1]DSC_2400_(2)[1]DSC_2448_(2)_(800x530)[1]DSC_2446[1]DSC_2445[1]DSC_2444_(2)[1]DSC_2443_(2)[1]DSC_2442_(2)[1]DSC_2441_(2)[1] DSC_2390_(3)[1]DSC_7165_(800x532)[1]DSC_7182_(800x534)[1]DSC_7181_(800x534)[1]DSC_7179_(800x534)[1]DSC_7178_(800x533)[1]DSC_7177_(800x534)[1]DSC_7176_(800x507)[1]DSC_7175_(800x525)[1]DSC_7174_(800x534)[1]DSC_7172_(800x534)[1]DSC_7170_(800x534)[1] DSC_7168_(800x525)[1]DSC_7167_(800x534)[1]DSC_7166_(800x534)[1]DSC_7190_(534x800)[1]DSC_7192_(800x532)[1]DSC_2388_(3)[1]DSC_7141_(800x534)[1]DSC_7196_(533x800)[1]DSC_7304_(3)_(800x534)[1]DSC_7303_(2)_(800x521)[1]DSC_7299_(800x532)[1]DSC_7296_(800x521)[1] DSC_7270_(800x530)[1]DSC_7256[1]DSC_7220_(800x533)[1]DSC_7198_(800x532)[1]DSC_7198_(800x532)[1]DSC_7160_(800x427)[1]DSC_7162_(800x464)[1]DSC_7160_(800x427)[2]DSC_7159_(644x800)[1]DSC_7158_(800x590)[1]DSC_7157_(800x464)[1]DSC_7189_(800x529)[1] DSC_7188_(800x532)[1]DSC_7187_(800x507)[1]DSC_7186_(534x800)[1]

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Ring Minutes and Notes Tuesday, January 28, 2014

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting with Carmine singing the National Anthem and Paulette Balog toll the bell 10 times in the memory of all those who recently passed on, among them were Jose Sulaiman and Jimmy “The Cat” Dupree.

President Duffy stated that we had 396 people attend our Christmas Party and it was a Great success!

DSC_6533 (2) (800x522)

President Duffy introduced Luis Griffith, the son of Emile’s,

Emile Griffith Monument

who talked on a Tombstone that was going to be placed at the grave of his father at St. Michael’s Cemetery . The unveiling will take place in late April or the beginning of ay and everyone is invited.

DSC_6543 (2) (508x800)

President Duffy introduced the children of the late Wayne Kelly, Jackie and Ryan talked about their dad and the foundation that they started benefiting Ring 8, Ring 10 and the Wounded Warriors. Ring 8 then donated a glove signed by all the 2013 New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Inductees, Plus a Poster from the 2012 Class signed by Jake LaMotta.

Wayne Kelly In Memory of

It was announced that it was Wayne Kelly that got Emile into the Nursing Home in Hempstead.
Ring 8 will be running a NY Golden Glove Show at the Plattduetsche Restaurant, Franklin Square, New York on Thursday, February 13th. The discounted price for all Ring 8 members is $20.

DSC_6585 (2) (519x800)

President Duffy talked on the 2014 New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Inductees and Jack Hirsch, the President of the BWAA went over all the new inductees. Jack also went through the process of the voting.

DSC_6586 (2) (529x800)
Henry Hascup also talked on the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame, and told everyone that he contacted Howard Davis Jr., Gerry Cooney and Mustafa Hamsho and they were all very happy!

2014 NYBHOF Flyer

Tickets to this event are $150 ($125 for all Ring 8 members).

DSC_6588 (2) (800x547)

Frank Pena talked about a NY Golden Glove Show that will take place at the Glen Cove High School on March 27th.

2014 Glen Cove Golden Glove Flyer

Every year this goes to a charity, this year it will benefit “Moms Who Kick Cancer” and used to fund a scholarship, which will be given to a Graduating Glen Cove High School senior.

DSC_6592 (2) (800x520)

Joan Hutchinson also talked on the event.

DSC_6594 (2) (800x531)

Felipe Gomez talked on his NEW LEGEND BOXING PROMOTIONS.

DSC_6605 (3) (800x606)

He introduced several of his fighters among them were Juan Dominguez, who is 16-0. Juan thanked President Duffy as Duffy promoted his 1st Pro fight back in 2007.

DSC_1666 (2) (800x530)

Felipe then introduced Frank Galarza who is undefeated in 14 fights and recently scored a sensational 2nd round knockout on Showtime ShoBox. Frank talked about his early child life in that in lost both parents at a very young age and started getting into trouble until he walked into a boxing gym at the age of 19. “Youth Fighting For” -

DSC_6609 (3) (800x534)

Harold Lederman talked on Frank’s recent fight and that his opponent was undefeated as well.

DSC_1676 (2) (800x506)

Felipe also introduced another outstanding prospect in Angel Garcia.

DSC_1678 (2) (800x517)

Felipe’s partner Kevin O’Sullivan also talked on the promotion.

DSC_6530 (800x534)

Bobby Bartels gave out Ring 8 hats & pins to all of them.

President Duffy closed the meeting by introducing all the celebrates in attendance.

DSC_6543 (2) (508x800)DSC_6542 (2) (800x511)DSC_6541 (2) (800x520)DSC_6540 (506x800)DSC_6539 (2) (800x534)DSC_6538 (800x534)DSC_6537 (2) (800x513)DSC_6536 (2) (800x519)DSC_6535 (531x800)DSC_6534 (2) (800x522)DSC_1663 (2) (800x510)DSC_6533 (2) (800x522) DSC_6532 (2) (800x516)DSC_6531 (2) (800x534)DSC_6530 (800x534)DSC_1654 (2) (530x800)DSC_6544 (2) (800x522)DSC_6558 (2) (800x505)DSC_6557 (2) (800x522)DSC_6556 (2) (800x532)DSC_6555 (2) (800x534)DSC_6554 (2) (800x534)DSC_6553 (800x519)DSC_6552 (2) (800x500) DSC_6551 (2) (800x525)DSC_6550 (800x533)DSC_6549 (2) (800x534)DSC_6548 (800x530)DSC_6547 (2) (800x524)DSC_6546 (2) (800x534)DSC_6545 (2) (800x533)DSC_6564 (2) (800x534)DSC_6563 (2) (800x522)DSC_6562 (2) (521x800)DSC_6561 (2) (800x530)DSC_6560 (2) (534x800)DSC_6559 (2) (520x800)DSC_6572 (2) (800x521)DSC_6571 (2) (800x511)DSC_6570 (800x534)DSC_6569 (2) (800x520)DSC_6568 (2) (800x534)DSC_6567 (2) (800x511)DSC_6566 (800x520)DSC_6573 (2) (800x527)DSC_6582 (2) (800x525)DSC_6581 (2) (800x532)DSC_6578 (2) (800x522) DSC_6577 (2) (800x534)DSC_6576 (2) (800x534)DSC_6575 (2) (800x534)DSC_6574 (2) (800x534)DSC_6583 (2) (800x522)DSC_6584 (2) (800x551)DSC_6585 (2) (519x800)DSC_6586 (2) (529x800)DSC_6588 (2) (800x547)DSC_6587 (2) (800x534)DSC_6590 (2) (509x800)DSC_6593 (2) (800x519)DSC_6591 (2) (532x800)DSC_6592 (2) (800x520)DSC_1676 (2) (800x506)DSC_1675 (2) (800x515)DSC_1674 (2) (800x529)DSC_1674 (2) (800x529)DSC_1673 (2) (800x471)DSC_1672 (2) (800x512)DSC_1671 (2) (800x433)DSC_1670 (2) (800x596)DSC_1669 (2) (800x578)DSC_1667 (2) (800x509) DSC_1666 (2) (800x530)DSC_1665 (2) (800x578)DSC_6608 (3) (800x533)DSC_6607 (3) (800x522)DSC_6605 (3) (800x606)DSC_6604 (3) (521x800)DSC_6603 (3) (534x800)DSC_6602 (3) (800x534)DSC_6601 (3) (800x524)DSC_6600 (2) (800x509)DSC_6599 (2) (800x517)DSC_6598 (2) (800x520) DSC_6597 (2) (513x800)DSC_6596 (2) (534x800)DSC_6595 (2) (800x530)DSC_6594 (2) (800x531)DSC_6609 (3) (800x534)DSC_1687 (2) (800x515)DSC_1686 (2) (800x530)DSC_1685 (2) (526x800)DSC_1684 (2) (517x800)DSC_1683 (2) (800x521)DSC_1682 (2) (800x530)DSC_1681 (2) (800x509) DSC_1680 (2) (800x510)DSC_6610 (3) (800x516)DSC_1679 (2) (800x522)DSC_1678 (2) (800x517)DSC_1677 (2) (800x585)DSC_1688 (2) (800x504)DSC_1697 (2) (800x516)DSC_1695 (2) (800x517)DSC_1694 (2) (800x512)DSC_1693 (2) (800x514)DSC_1692 (2) (800x529)DSC_1691 (2) (800x518) DSC_1690 (2) (800x491)DSC_1689 (2) (800x514)DSC_1703 (2) (800x593)DSC_1702 (2) (800x530)DSC_1707 (2) (800x523)DSC_1699 (2) (800x527)DSC_1701 (2) (800x518)

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Ring 8 Meeting – Tuesday, January 28th

Don’t forget tomorrow is the Ring 8 meeting. We will have several guest speakers including the family of Wayne Kelly.

Wayne Kelly

In Memory of Wayne Kelly – The IWK Memorial Foundation

The IWK Memorial Foundation
“Keep Punching”

We are writing you on behalf of the IWK Memorial Foundation, created in memory of our loving father, Wayne Kelly. Our father passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 63.

The IWK Memorial Foundation is a non-profit foundation founded in 2012 to commemorate Wayne’s life. “Irish” Wayne Kelly, a former Vietnam Veteran, Boxer, Professional Boxing Referee, and Physical Conditioning Specialist, had a great passion for helping people especially through the Wounded Warrior Project, Ring 8, and Ring 10. Our fundraising efforts continue to support such organizations while keeping Wayne’s passions alive.

Our 1st annual benefit will be held on February 1st, 2014. We are in need of items we can offer as raffles and silent auctions. Your donation will help us to achieve our goal to raise awareness and support others who are greatly affected by war and trauma in the boxing ring.

Thank you for your consideration of our request.

Jackie & Ryan Kelly


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Ring 8 Minutes and Notes, Tuesday, November 19, 2013

President Bob Duffy opened the meeting

DSC_5688 (2) (800x523)

with Carmine singing the National Anthem and

DSC_5703 (2) (800x509)

Paulette Balog toll the bell 10 times in the memory of all those who recently passed on.

President Bob Duffy talked on the Ring 8 Annual Christmas Party which takes place on Sunday, December 8th, at Russo’s on the Bay. Tickets are $125.

DSC_8258 (800x552)

DSC_8261 (800x640)

President Duffy introduced Gabe Perillo Jr. Gabe talked on his father, who was a well-known artist, and then donated a picture that his father drew of Rocky Marciano knocking out Jersey Joe Walcott.

DSC_5707 (2) (534x800)

Joe DiMitri of the Barclay Center talked on the up-coming boxing show featuring Paul Malignaggi against Zab Judah on Saturday, December 7th. He offered a discount price to all Ring 8 members.

President Duffy introduced all the VIP’s in attendance. He also stated that Ring 8 is helped out another ex-fighter in Mark McPherson. Ring 8 is making 3 separate donation of $300 to help pay for his rent and food.

President Duffy talked on Magomed Abdusalamov, who was seriously injured at Madison Square Garden on November 2nd in a fight against Mike Perez, which was shown on HBO. He stated another Ring is doing a fund raiser for him to help with the medical expenses, But what is HBO doing, what is all the organizations that help promote the show doing. There all Multi-Million Dollar Organizations and he has heard nothing about any of them helping out.

DSC_5710 (2) (800x531)

Frank Pena talked on an Amateur Boxing Show which will be held Monday, November 25th – Body Shot Boxing will host “The Long Island Fight for Charity” at the Huntington Hilton, 589 Broad Hollow Road, Mellville 11747. This event will be pre-matched. Weigh-ins are at 4:00 PM, the first bout is at 6 PM. Contact Eric Davidson at 631-228-4989 for more information.

DSC_5708 (2) (800x525)

President Duffy talked about Ring 8′s Annual Bill Gallo Scholarship New York Golden Glove Event which will be held on Thursday, February 13th at the Plattduetsche Restaurant, Franklin Square, New York.

DSC_5711 (2) (800x517)

President Duffy introduced a couple more New members and Rob Diaz talked on his New Promotion.

President Duffy stated that this will be our last meeting of 2013, our next meeting will on Tuesday, January 21st. Dues for the coming year will be $30.

DSC_5718 (2) (632x800)

President Duffy introduced Ron Scott Stevens a former NYSAC who talked on our guest speaker Stan Hoffman saying that he managed 38 World Champions and then introduced Stan to the membership.

DSC_5721 (2) (548x800)

Stan stated that he left school at the age of 12 and then got into trouble and was put away for sometime. Stan stated that he was in the music business for years. He was with Chuck Berry, Andy Williams, Ray Stevens to name a few, But boxing was the Love of his life.

DSC_5720 (2) (546x800)

Stan talked on Iran Barkley and how Bob Arum dumped Iran and told him to get a job. Stan picked up his contact and stated that if he listened to him he would be fighting for another World Title after 3 fights. Well Stan was wrong, Iran got a title fight after just 2 fights and that was against Thomas Hearns for the WBC middleweight title. During the camp while training for the fight Stan got a call telling him that Iran was acting like a Playboy instead of training. Stan flew down right away and put a stop to it, saying to Iran that if he ever did that again, he would be done with him. During that time Stan taped Iran’s left arm so he could only use his right, and on June 6, 1988, Iran shook up the Boxing World by nailing Hearns with a big right hand. As Hearns started to fall back, Barkley hit him with another right. Hearns landed flat on his back. He struggled to get up and barely beat referee Richard Steele’s count. A barrage by Barkley sent the wobbly Hearns into the ropes, and Steele stopped the contest as Hearns went through the two middle strands and Iran Barkley was the NEW WBC Middleweight Champion of the World.

Stan also told a story with Carl Williams and Iran. Iran called Stan up saying that he had to get rid of Carl because he thought he was stealing his clothes. Stan came into the room and Iran told him that he left all his clothes on the floor in the corner. Carl turned around and opened the closet door to show Stan and Iran that he picked up all Iran clothes of hung them up.

DSC_5722 (2) (800x487)

Stan told some stories on Dave Hilton and Hasim Rahman who said thanks by giving Stan a New Lexus.

DSC_5724 (2) (800x534)

Stan also told a story on how Michael Bentt became the Heavyweight Champion when he stopped Tommy Morrison. Bentt was knocked out in the seventh round by Herbie Hide in his next fight. After the fight, Bentt collapsed in his dressing room and was taken to Royal London Hospital. A CAT Scan revealed generalized brain swelling and physiological changes in Bentt’s brain. He was advised not to fight again and he retired. After retiring from boxing, Bentt became an actor. He portrayed Sonny Liston in the movie Ali, starring Will Smith. He has many other credits on his acting resume, including Collateral, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, and Million Dollar Baby, which won the Oscar for “Best Motion Picture” in 2005, and most recently the director of the play “Kid Shamrock” based on the life of Former Light Heavyweight Contender Bobby Cassidy and written by Bobby Cassidy Jr.

Stan told a story on how William Joppy got $1.5 Million for a fight with Felix Trinidad, when they only offered him 1/2 Million.

DSC_5733 (2) (634x800)

Stan also told a story on Pedro Estrada who became a member of the FBI’s 10 Most-Wanted suspects, in connection with three New York homicides. He was arrested in 1989. Before he was arrested and still on the run he went to Las Vegas to see a James Broad fight.

Stan talked on some of his current fighters and some of his health issues he had recently, But next month he will be 82 and he is still going strong.

DSC_5735 (2) (648x800)

Joanne Hutchinson talked on the “The Long Island Fight for Charity” Event.

DSC_5739 (2) (800x534)

Charlie Norkus Jr., gave a talk on the recent New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame Induction and Award Ceremonies and that it was Outstanding! The President of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, Henry Hascup also gave a talk on the event in which Mike Tyson, Bernard Fernandez, Ray Mercer all attended. Hascup stated that Tyson must have signed 500 autographs and took 100′s of pictures. Has stated that he was Great as was Hopkins, Mercer and all the other celebrates that attended.

Finally, Ring 8′s own Vinny Maddalone will be fighting this Friday at The Paramount in Huntington, Long Island.

DSC_8254 (800x516)DSC_5637 (2) (800x523)DSC_5689 (2)DSC_5688 (2) (800x523)DSC_8255DSC_5697 (2) (800x534)DSC_5696 (2) (800x521)DSC_5695 (2) (800x513)DSC_5694 (2) (800x485)DSC_5693 (2) (800x566)DSC_5692 (2) (800x534)DSC_5691 (2) (800x517)DSC_5690 (2) (800x534)DSC_5700 (2)DSC_5699 (2) (751x800)DSC_5702 (2) (800x575)DSC_5703 (2)DSC_8256DSC_5687 (2) (800x496)DSC_5686 (2) (800x493)DSC_5685 (2) (800x517)DSC_5684 (3) (800x519)DSC_5683 (3) (800x534)DSC_5682 (3) (800x533)DSC_5681 (3) (800x514)DSC_5680 (3) (800x517)DSC_5679 (3) (800x534)DSC_5656 (3)DSC_5655 (3) (521x800)DSC_5654 (3) (800x516)DSC_5653 (3) (800x522)DSC_5652 (3) (800x534)DSC_5651 (2)DSC_5650 (3)DSC_5649 (3)DSC_5648 (3) (800x533)DSC_5647 (3) (800x517)DSC_5678 (3) (800x534)DSC_5677 (3) (800x534)DSC_5676 (3) (800x516)DSC_5675 (3) (800x534)DSC_5674 (3) (800x534)DSC_5673 (3) (800x534)DSC_5672 (3) (800x534)DSC_5671 (3) (800x532)DSC_5670 (3) (800x522)DSC_5669 (3) (800x517)DSC_5668 (3) (800x533)DSC_5667 (3) (800x534)DSC_5666 (3) (800x454)DSC_5665 (3) (800x456)DSC_5664 (3) (800x521)DSC_5663 (3) (800x534)DSC_5662 (3) (800x534)DSC_5661 (3) (800x531)DSC_5660 (2) (800x534)DSC_5659 (3)DSC_5658 (3)DSC_5657 (3) (800x501)DSC_5649 (3) (800x524)DSC_5646 (3) (800x534)DSC_5643 (3) (800x533)DSC_5643 (2) (800x530)DSC_5642 (2) (800x534)DSC_5641 (2) (800x534)DSC_5640 (2) (800x492)DSC_5639 (2) (800x495)DSC_5638 (3) (800x508)DSC_8258 (800x552)DSC_8257 (800x668)DSC_5705 (2) (800x651)DSC_8261DSC_5704 (2)DSC_5717 (2) (800x618)DSC_5716 (2) (800x534)DSC_5715 (2) (800x600)DSC_5714 (2) (800x512)DSC_5713 (2) (800x534)DSC_5711 (2) (800x517)DSC_5712 (2) (800x534)DSC_5710 (2) (800x531)DSC_5709 (2) (800x526)DSC_5708 (2) (800x525)DSC_8260 (493x800)DSC_8259 (490x800)DSC_5707 (2) (534x800)DSC_8264 (800x530)DSC_8265DSC_8267 (800x529)DSC_5706 (2) (747x800)DSC_5718 (2) (632x800)DSC_5719 (2) (800x522)DSC_5718 (2)DSC_5732 (2) (800x534)DSC_5731 (2) (800x549)DSC_5730 (2) (800x534)DSC_5729 (2) (800x534)DSC_5742 (2) (685x800)DSC_5723 (2) (800x493)DSC_5722 (2) (800x487)DSC_5721 (2) (548x800)DSC_8271 (800x494)DSC_8273 (483x800)DSC_5720 (2) (546x800)DSC_8270 (800x503)DSC_8274 (482x800)DSC_5726 (2) (800x521)DSC_5733 (2) (634x800)DSC_5727 (2)DSC_5725 (641x800)DSC_5724 (2)DSC_5738 (2) (533x800)DSC_5737 (2) (800x533)DSC_5734 (2) (648x800)DSC_8276 (800x524)DSC_8277 (531x800)DSC_5735 (2) (648x800)DSC_5741 (2) (517x800)DSC_5740 (2)DSC_5739 (2) (800x534)DSC_5762 (3) (800x516)DSC_5761 (3) (800x521)DSC_5759 (3) (800x534)DSC_5758 (3) (800x534)DSC_5757 (3) (800x540)DSC_5756 (3) (534x800)DSC_5755 (3) (800x676)DSC_8272 (800x631)DSC_8269 (800x516)DSC_8268 (800x517)DSC_8278 (800x530)DSC_8286 (800x530)DSC_8285 (800x528)DSC_8284 (511x800)DSC_8283 (800x525)DSC_8282 (800x528)DSC_8282DSC_8281 (800x510)DSC_8280 (800x652)DSC_8279 (702x800)DSC_8280DSC_8268DSC_5752 (3)DSC_8286DSC_5746DSC_5772 (2)DSC_5784 (2)DSC_5783 (2)DSC_5780 (2)DSC_5766 (2) (800x520)DSC_5765 (800x569)

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Stan Hoffman will be the guest speaker next Tuesday at Ring 8

Stan Hoffman who stated that he has managed 38 World Champions at one time or another will be the guest speaker at at the Ring 8 meeting next Tuesday, November 19th at the Crabhouse.

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