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Annual ‘Ring 8’ Holiday Event, Awards Ceremony Dec. 13 in New York

29th Annual ‘Ring 8’ Holiday Event, Awards Ceremony Dec. 13 in New York
Fight Network Staff / October 5, 2015 – 12:28pm

Hopkins, Lathan

Ring 8’s Woman of the Decade Melvina Lathan with living legend Bernard Hopkins (L) and her husband, Dr. William Lathan (R)

NEW YORK, NY (October 5, 2015) – The 29th annual Ring 8 Holiday Event and Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday afternoon (12:30-5:30 p.m. ET), December 13 at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York.

David Diamante will once again serve as the event’s Master of Ceremonies. He will also be honored as Ring Announcer of the Year.

Ring 8 has announced its 2015 award winners (see complete list below), including undefeated No. 1 world welterweight contender Sadam “World Kid” Ali (Fighter of the Year), former New York State Athletic Commission chairperson Melvina Lathan (Woman of the Decade), Heather Hardy (Female Fighter of the Year), “Ireland’s” John Duddy (Uncrowned Champion), Andre Rozier (Trainer of the Year) and Joe DeGuardia (Promoter of the Year).

“Our members look forward to this event every year,” Ring 8 president Bob Duffy said. “We have another great group of outstanding award winners. Committed celebrity guests include former world champions Mark Breland, Luis Collazo, Iran Barkley and Vito Antuofermo, as well Sean Monahan, Bobby Cassidy, Harold Lederman and Frankie Galarza. We truly appreciate them lending their support as Ring 8 proudly continues its record for lending a helping hand to those in the boxing community who are less fortunate. Each year our Holiday Event and Awards Ceremony celebrates our great sport of boxing, insuring much-needed funding is raised so we may continue our mission for our needy brothers and sisters in boxing. We will never waver from their corners.”

Lathan is one of the most respected officials in the boxing industry. She judged 83 world title fights before becoming NYSAC chairperson in 2008 through this past year. Admired for her innovative thinking and support of boxers’ safety, she became the first female African-American commissioner head in boxing.

Ali (22-0, 13 KOs), fighting out of Brooklyn, is knocking on the door of a world title shot. The talented welterweight is ranked among the top 11 in all four major sanctioning bodies: WBO #1, IBF #3, WBA #8 and WBC #11.

Brooklyn’s 33-year-old Hardy (3 KOs) is the reigning WBC International super bantamweight champion. Another fighter on the verge of a world title shot, she sports a 3-0 record so far this year.

Duddy (29-2, 18 KOs), who lives in Queens, was one of the most colorful and popular fighter in recent New York City boxing history. The powerful middleweight rose to No. 2 in the world and sold-out The Theater at Madison Square Garden on two occasions.

Rozier, who is also the exclusive designer of Havoc brand boxing material, is recognized as one of the best trainers in the business. Some of his present fighters include Ali, world middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs, and Gary Stark Jr., plus 2012 U.S. Olympian and rising light heavyweight star Marcus Browne.

DeGuardia, founder and CEO of Star Boxing, has promoted countless world champions, including Antonio Tarver, and world championship events. His top fighters today include Chris Algieri and Demetrius Andrade.

2015 RING 8 Award Winners

Woman of the Decade: Hon. Melvina Lathan
Fighter of the Year: Sadam Ali
Female Fighter of the Year: Heather Hardy
Uncrowned Champion: John Duddy
Co-Cutmen of the Year: George Mitchell & Mike Rella
Board Member of the Year: Billy Strigaro
Trainer of the Year: Andre Rozier
Community Service Award: Kevin Collins & Gerard Wilson
Promoter of the Year: Joe DeGuardia
Sponsor of the Year: George O’Neill
Official of the Year: Carlos Ortiz, Jr.
Long & Meritorious Service Award: Paddy Dolan
Prospects of the Year: Wesley Ferrer & Danny Gonzales
Ring Announcer of the Year: David Diamante
Patriotism Award: Corporal Ron McNair, Jr.

Tickets, priced at $125.00 per person, are available to purchase by contacting Bob Duffy by phone (516.313.2304), email, or mail checks (payable to Ring 8) to him (164 Lindbergh Street, Massapequa Park, NY 11762). Donations of any denomination are welcome for those unable to attend the festivities.

Tickets include a complete brunch with cocktail hour upon entry, followed by seating at the awards ceremony, dinner and dessert, and top-shelf open bar throughout the afternoon. There will also be a silent auction of boxing memorabilia. This event is expected to sell-out and everybody is urged to purchase tickets as soon as possible in order to secure favorable seating.

Program ads are available for Full Page ($150.00), Half-Page ($80.00), and Quarter-Page ($50.00). The deadline for all ads is December 8 and must be emailed ( or mailed to Duffy (516.313.2304) at the address listed above.

Go online to for more information about Ring 8 or its annual Holiday Events and Awards Ceremony.

Russo’s On The Bay is located at 162-45 Crossbay Blvd. in Howard Beach (718.843.5055).

ABOUT RING 8: Formed in 1954 by an ex-prizefighter, Jack Grebelsky, Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association – hence, RING 8 – and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.

RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.

Go on line to for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership. Guests of Ring 8 members are welcome at a cost of only $7.00 per person.

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Ring 8 Pictures from the Meeting at O’Neill’s on Tuesday, September 15th

DSC_5467 (522x800)DSC_5466 (800x532)DSC_5511 (699x800)DSC_5510 (2) (700x800)DSC_5509 (671x800)DSC_5508 (800x532)DSC_2060DSC_5524 (2) (800x528)DSC_5523 (800x518)DSC_2073DSC_2072DSC_2075DSC_2076DSC_5522 (2) (800x508)DSC_5521 (800x537)DSC_5521 (800x537)DSC_2064DSC_5536 (800x577)DSC_5535 (800x534)DSC_5534 (800x532)DSC_5533 (800x530)DSC_5532 (2) (800x530)DSC_2065DSC_2077DSC_2078DSC_2078DSC_2084DSC_2083DSC_2082DSC_2081DSC_2080DSC_5537 (800x532)DSC_2086DSC_2085DSC_2102DSC_2101DSC_5519 (800x534)DSC_5475 (800x522)DSC_5474 (800x520)DSC_5473 (2) (800x476)DSC_5472 (2) (800x487)DSC_5471 (2) (800x519)DSC_5470 (800x515)DSC_5469 (800x519)DSC_5468 (800x523)DSC_5478 (800x520)DSC_5477 (800x515)DSC_5476 (800x509)DSC_5488 (800x525)DSC_5487 (800x519)DSC_5486 (800x514)DSC_5485 (800x499)DSC_5484 (800x499)DSC_5483 (800x534)DSC_5482 (800x518)DSC_5481 (800x534)DSC_5480 (800x520)DSC_5479 (800x533)DSC_5500 (800x532)DSC_5499 (800x518)DSC_5498 (534x800)DSC_5497 (800x533)DSC_5496 (800x533)DSC_5495 (800x520)DSC_5494 (800x517)DSC_5493 (800x499)DSC_5492 (800x514)DSC_5491 (800x509)DSC_5490 (800x517)DSC_5489 (800x519)DSC_5512 (800x534)DSC_5507 (2) (800x519)DSC_5506 (2) (800x514)DSC_5505 (2) (800x520)DSC_5504 (2) (800x504)DSC_5503 (2) (800x501)DSC_5502 (800x500)DSC_5501 (800x521)DSC_5525 (800x512)DSC_5520 (800x459)DSC_5517 (2) (800x536)DSC_5516 (800x537)DSC_5515 (800x523)DSC_5514 (800x518)DSC_5513 (2) (718x800)DSC_5538 (800x521)DSC_5531 (800x534)DSC_5530 (800x519)DSC_5529 (800x509)DSC_5528 (800x529)DSC_5527 (800x532)DSC_5526 (800x523)DSC_5545 (726x800)DSC_5544 (800x517)DSC_5543 (2) (800x534)DSC_5542 (2) (800x470)DSC_5541 (2) (800x492)DSC_5540 (800x528)DSC_5539 (800x523)DSC_2070DSC_5545 (726x800)DSC_5544 (800x517)DSC_5543 (2) (800x534)DSC_5542 (2) (800x470)DSC_5541 (2) (800x492)DSC_5540 (800x528)DSC_2071DSC_2090DSC_2089DSC_2088DSC_2087DSC_2085DSC_2096DSC_2095DSC_2094DSC_2093DSC_2092DSC_2091DSC_2069DSC_2068DSC_2067DSC_2066DSC_2100DSC_2099DSC_2098DSC_2097DSC_2109DSC_2108DSC_2107DSC_2106DSC_2105DSC_2104DSC_2117DSC_2116DSC_2115DSC_2114DSC_2112DSC_2119DSC_2118DSC_2110DSC_2125DSC_2124DSC_2123DSC_2122DSC_2121DSC_2127DSC_2120DSC_2135DSC_2134DSC_2133DSC_2132DSC_2131DSC_2130DSC_2129DSC_2128DSC_2143DSC_2141DSC_2140DSC_2138DSC_2137DSC_2136DSC_2145DSC_2144

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Next Meeting this Tuesday, September 15th at O’Neill’s – Guest Speakers will be Vinny Maddalone & Joe DeGuardia (Star Boxing)


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 15th at O’Neill’s Restaurant, located at 64-21 53rd Dr, Maspeth, NY 11378 starting at 7 PM with a buffet dinner.

Vincent Maddalone  Joe DeGuardia

The guest speakers will be Heavyweight Vinny Maddalone & Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing.

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Ring 8 Pictures from Thursday, June 18th meeting at the Plattduetsche Restaurant

DSC_5310 (800x507)DSC_5309 (800x510)DSC_5311 (800x520)DSC_8428DSC_5314 (800x512)DSC_8429DSC_5316 (800x527)DSC_5315 (800x520)DSC_5319 (800x519)DSC_8430DSC_8434DSC_5313 (800x512)DSC_5312 (800x508)DSC_5306 (800x509)DSC_5328 (800x533)DSC_5329 (800x533)DSC_5320 (800x511)DSC_5324 (800x551)DSC_5321 (800x534)DSC_5318 (800x521)DSC_5317 (800x534)DSC_8437DSC_5322 (800x534)DSC_5323 (800x534)DSC_5325 (2) (800x533)DSC_5336 (800x542)DSC_5343 (800x515)DSC_5342 (800x519)DSC_8442DSC_5341 (800x530)DSC_5340 (800x526)DSC_5339 (800x522)DSC_8431DSC_5333 (800x523)DSC_5332 (2) (800x533)DSC_5337 (800x520)DSC_5338 (800x534)DSC_8440DSC_8441DSC_5330 (2) (800x534)DSC_5331 (2) (800x521)DSC_5327 (800x517)DSC_5326 (800x521)DSC_8438DSC_5335 (800x521)DSC_5334 (800x513)DSC_8435DSC_8436DSC_8433DSC_8432DSC_8448DSC_8449DSC_5307 (800x534)DSC_5308 (800x523)DSC_8447DSC_8446DSC_8445DSC_8444DSC_8443DSC_8458DSC_8457DSC_8456DSC_8455DSC_8454DSC_8453DSC_8452DSC_8451DSC_8450DSC_8423DSC_8425DSC_8423

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Cutman George Mitchell and Contender Patrick Day Guest Speakers This Thursday, June 18th at the Plattduetsche Restaurant


We are having our Ring 8 meeting this Thursday at the Plattduetsche Restaurant ….our guest speakers are cut man George Mitchell and contender Patrick Day , who will try to fill in for trainer Joe Higgins , doors open at 7:00 PM with hot and cold Buffet followed by our meeting at 8:00 pm

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Ring 8 Minutes and Notes Tuesday, May 19, 2015



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News12 Brooklyn will Air Last Nights Meeting at 6 PM tonight


Just to let you know, News12 Brooklyn will feature a short piece on the dinner, and speaker Danny Jacobs on Wednesday, May 20th, after 6:30 PM on News12 Brooklyn. That should air for the rest of the evening if people miss the first airing at 6:30 PM.

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