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Ring 8 Pictures and Notes Tuesday, November 17, 2015

President Bob Duffy started the meeting with the flag salute and 10 count. He also stated that this will be our last meeting of the year.


John Holden stated that the New Year is coming and Ring 8 is taking dues for 2016. President Duffy stated that John will be the New Ring 8 treasurer and then showed a bag full of taxes from last year.

Bob talked on the Sunnyside Garden Monument that we put up a few years ago and how it got damaged. He is looking into how it can be repaired.


Bob stated that our very own John McKaie will be one of the Judges this week-end for the Canelo/Cotto fight.


Pro boxing Judge Ron McNair talked about a fight card that happened at Gleason’s Arena many years ago.

President Duffy talked about our Ring 8 Party on Sunday, December 13th and our Fighter of the Year will be Timothy Bradley. Bob thanked Jack Hirsch for making all the arrangements.


Duffy stated that our Amateur Boxing Show, honoring the late Joe Dwyer, has been postponed until a later date.

President Duffy talked on the resent New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Award Ceremonies which was run by their President and Ring 8 Boxing Historian Henry Hascup. Both Bob and Melvina Lathan talked very highly of the event in which Oscar De La Hoya was their special guest and how Great he was, taking pictures and signing autographs for hours.

Click on the following to view the event:

46th Annual New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Award Ceremonies Another Huge Success!


Jack Hirsch introduced our first guest speaker Rich Blake who wrote a book on Jimmy Slattery called “Slats”. He talked his career and several fighters he went up against. Tommy Loughran wrote a note stating the Slattery was the best boxer he went against.

Jack talked on Vito Antuofermo, who was suppose to be another of our guest speakers, But couldn’t attend.


Jack then introduced a young up-coming fighter by the name of Zachary Ochoa, who is 13-0 with 6 KO’s. Zach thanked several referees in attendance, as they refereed several of his fights. He told a story about his 2nd Amateur bout in which the referee took a point away from him, the that referee was was our very own John Holden. Zach, who boxes for the Golden Boy Promotions” talked about fighting outside the New York Area, and what a great experience that is. He stated that he is not in it for the money, he does it for the dream he always had of becoming a World Champion. He took and answered several questions from the membership and at the end John Holden presented him with a Ring 8 hat, and Zach jokingly held up 1 finger stating 1 point, 1 point, to the laughter of everyone.


Bob then talked on Stan Janousek (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek) and his career in boxing. Stan was also trained by the Great Sandy Saddler and he is the one who takes and supplies all our pictures for this web site.

DSC_6319DSC_6317DSC_4744DSC_4757DSC_6417DSC_6415DSC_6416DSC_6418DSC_6415DSC_6412DSC_6411DSC_6410DSC_6409DSC_6408DSC_6407DSC_6405DSC_6404DSC_6403DSC_6402DSC_6398 DSC_6394DSC_6392DSC_6391DSC_6389DSC_6388DSC_6387DSC_6387 (2)DSC_6385DSC_6385 (2)DSC_6384DSC_6384 (2)DSC_6383DSC_6383 (2)DSC_6382DSC_6382 (2)DSC_6379DSC_6378DSC_6377DSC_6372DSC_6370 DSC_6376DSC_6375DSC_6374DSC_6373DSC_6372DSC_6368DSC_6366DSC_6365DSC_6364DSC_6363DSC_6362DSC_6361DSC_6360DSC_6358DSC_6357DSC_6356DSC_6355DSC_6353DSC_6352DSC_6351 DSC_6350DSC_6349DSC_6347DSC_6346DSC_6345DSC_6344DSC_6343DSC_6341DSC_6340DSC_6339DSC_6338DSC_6337DSC_6336DSC_6331DSC_6330DSC_6329DSC_6328DSC_6327DSC_6323DSC_6322 DSC_6321DSC_6320DSC_6331DSC_6394DSC_6392DSC_6391DSC_6389DSC_6388DSC_6387DSC_6387 (2)DSC_6385DSC_6385 (2)DSC_6384DSC_6384 (2)DSC_6383DSC_6383 (2)DSC_6382DSC_6382 (2)DSC_6379DSC_6378DSC_6377DSC_6372DSC_6370DSC_6376DSC_6375DSC_6374DSC_6373DSC_6372DSC_6368DSC_6366DSC_6365DSC_6364DSC_6363DSC_6362DSC_6361DSC_6360DSC_6358DSC_6357DSC_6356DSC_6355DSC_6353DSC_6352DSC_6351DSC_6350DSC_6349DSC_6347DSC_6346DSC_6345DSC_6344DSC_6343DSC_6341DSC_6340DSC_6339DSC_6338DSC_6337DSC_6336DSC_6398DSC_4757DSC_4744DSC_6417DSC_6415DSC_6416DSC_6418DSC_6415DSC_6412DSC_6411DSC_6410DSC_6409DSC_6408DSC_6407DSC_6405DSC_6404DSC_6403DSC_6402DSC_6350DSC_4802DSC_4801DSC_4800DSC_4799DSC_4798DSC_4797DSC_4796DSC_4794DSC_4793DSC_4792DSC_4791DSC_4790DSC_4789DSC_4788DSC_4787DSC_4782DSC_4786DSC_4785DSC_4784DSC_4783DSC_4782DSC_4781DSC_4780DSC_4779DSC_4778DSC_4777DSC_4776DSC_4775DSC_4773DSC_4772DSC_4772DSC_4771DSC_4770DSC_4769DSC_4767DSC_4766DSC_4765DSC_4765DSC_4764DSC_4763DSC_4762DSC_4761DSC_4760DSC_4759DSC_4758DSC_4757DSC_4756DSC_4755DSC_4754DSC_4753DSC_4752DSC_4751DSC_4750DSC_4749DSC_4748DSC_4747DSC_4746DSC_4745DSC_4744DSC_4743DSC_4742DSC_6357DSC_6354DSC_6351img846DSC_4805DSC_4804DSC_4804

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Next Meeting this Tuesday, November 17th at O’Neill’s

Next Meeting this Tuesday, November 17th at O’Neill’s – Guest Speakers will be Vito Antuofermo and undefeated Super Lightweight, Zachary Ochoa (13-0) from Brooklyn, NY.


during a Golden Boy Promotions Portrait session on April 25, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Brooklyn borough of New York City.



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Pictures at the Ring 8 Meeting at the Plattduetsche on October 22nd



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Next Meeting, Thursday, October 22nd at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant

Ring 8 will have their meeting on Thursday 10/22/15 at 7:00 pm ////we will be having our Ring 8 octoberfest since the meeting will be held at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant 1132 Hempstead turnpike . Franklin Square . NY ( 1.5 miles east of Belmont racetrack ) …..We will an serving an array of German food .

Our Guest speakers are Randy “Commish ” Gordon former NYS Boxing Chairman but now a co host with Gerry Cooney on sirius Radio a show that is aired nationally …..also Joe Higgins . lead trainer of Sean Monoghan , who won a a landslide decision against George Donavan …Joe is the former president of the US Metros and is bring his 2 protege who will be traveling on Friday to compete in the upcoming Olympic Trials and also George Mitchell again will be present to answer any and all questions on cuts ……Food will be served at 7:00 PM and the meeting will start at 8:00 PM fee’s for meal $5.00 with membership card

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Ring 8 Pictures from the Meeting at O’Neill’s on Tuesday, September 15th

DSC_5467 (522x800)DSC_5466 (800x532)DSC_5511 (699x800)DSC_5510 (2) (700x800)DSC_5509 (671x800)DSC_5508 (800x532)DSC_2060DSC_5524 (2) (800x528)DSC_5523 (800x518)DSC_2073DSC_2072DSC_2075DSC_2076DSC_5522 (2) (800x508)DSC_5521 (800x537)DSC_5521 (800x537)DSC_2064DSC_5536 (800x577)DSC_5535 (800x534)DSC_5534 (800x532)DSC_5533 (800x530)DSC_5532 (2) (800x530)DSC_2065DSC_2077DSC_2078DSC_2078DSC_2084DSC_2083DSC_2082DSC_2081DSC_2080DSC_5537 (800x532)DSC_2086DSC_2085DSC_2102DSC_2101DSC_5519 (800x534)DSC_5475 (800x522)DSC_5474 (800x520)DSC_5473 (2) (800x476)DSC_5472 (2) (800x487)DSC_5471 (2) (800x519)DSC_5470 (800x515)DSC_5469 (800x519)DSC_5468 (800x523)DSC_5478 (800x520)DSC_5477 (800x515)DSC_5476 (800x509)DSC_5488 (800x525)DSC_5487 (800x519)DSC_5486 (800x514)DSC_5485 (800x499)DSC_5484 (800x499)DSC_5483 (800x534)DSC_5482 (800x518)DSC_5481 (800x534)DSC_5480 (800x520)DSC_5479 (800x533)DSC_5500 (800x532)DSC_5499 (800x518)DSC_5498 (534x800)DSC_5497 (800x533)DSC_5496 (800x533)DSC_5495 (800x520)DSC_5494 (800x517)DSC_5493 (800x499)DSC_5492 (800x514)DSC_5491 (800x509)DSC_5490 (800x517)DSC_5489 (800x519)DSC_5512 (800x534)DSC_5507 (2) (800x519)DSC_5506 (2) (800x514)DSC_5505 (2) (800x520)DSC_5504 (2) (800x504)DSC_5503 (2) (800x501)DSC_5502 (800x500)DSC_5501 (800x521)DSC_5525 (800x512)DSC_5520 (800x459)DSC_5517 (2) (800x536)DSC_5516 (800x537)DSC_5515 (800x523)DSC_5514 (800x518)DSC_5513 (2) (718x800)DSC_5538 (800x521)DSC_5531 (800x534)DSC_5530 (800x519)DSC_5529 (800x509)DSC_5528 (800x529)DSC_5527 (800x532)DSC_5526 (800x523)DSC_5545 (726x800)DSC_5544 (800x517)DSC_5543 (2) (800x534)DSC_5542 (2) (800x470)DSC_5541 (2) (800x492)DSC_5540 (800x528)DSC_5539 (800x523)DSC_2070DSC_5545 (726x800)DSC_5544 (800x517)DSC_5543 (2) (800x534)DSC_5542 (2) (800x470)DSC_5541 (2) (800x492)DSC_5540 (800x528)DSC_2071DSC_2090DSC_2089DSC_2088DSC_2087DSC_2085DSC_2096DSC_2095DSC_2094DSC_2093DSC_2092DSC_2091DSC_2069DSC_2068DSC_2067DSC_2066DSC_2100DSC_2099DSC_2098DSC_2097DSC_2109DSC_2108DSC_2107DSC_2106DSC_2105DSC_2104DSC_2117DSC_2116DSC_2115DSC_2114DSC_2112DSC_2119DSC_2118DSC_2110DSC_2125DSC_2124DSC_2123DSC_2122DSC_2121DSC_2127DSC_2120DSC_2135DSC_2134DSC_2133DSC_2132DSC_2131DSC_2130DSC_2129DSC_2128DSC_2143DSC_2141DSC_2140DSC_2138DSC_2137DSC_2136DSC_2145DSC_2144

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Next Meeting this Tuesday, September 15th at O’Neill’s – Guest Speakers will be Vinny Maddalone & Joe DeGuardia (Star Boxing)


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 15th at O’Neill’s Restaurant, located at 64-21 53rd Dr, Maspeth, NY 11378 starting at 7 PM with a buffet dinner.

Vincent Maddalone  Joe DeGuardia

The guest speakers will be Heavyweight Vinny Maddalone & Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing.

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Ring 8 Pictures from Thursday, June 18th meeting at the Plattduetsche Restaurant

DSC_5310 (800x507)DSC_5309 (800x510)DSC_5311 (800x520)DSC_8428DSC_5314 (800x512)DSC_8429DSC_5316 (800x527)DSC_5315 (800x520)DSC_5319 (800x519)DSC_8430DSC_8434DSC_5313 (800x512)DSC_5312 (800x508)DSC_5306 (800x509)DSC_5328 (800x533)DSC_5329 (800x533)DSC_5320 (800x511)DSC_5324 (800x551)DSC_5321 (800x534)DSC_5318 (800x521)DSC_5317 (800x534)DSC_8437DSC_5322 (800x534)DSC_5323 (800x534)DSC_5325 (2) (800x533)DSC_5336 (800x542)DSC_5343 (800x515)DSC_5342 (800x519)DSC_8442DSC_5341 (800x530)DSC_5340 (800x526)DSC_5339 (800x522)DSC_8431DSC_5333 (800x523)DSC_5332 (2) (800x533)DSC_5337 (800x520)DSC_5338 (800x534)DSC_8440DSC_8441DSC_5330 (2) (800x534)DSC_5331 (2) (800x521)DSC_5327 (800x517)DSC_5326 (800x521)DSC_8438DSC_5335 (800x521)DSC_5334 (800x513)DSC_8435DSC_8436DSC_8433DSC_8432DSC_8448DSC_8449DSC_5307 (800x534)DSC_5308 (800x523)DSC_8447DSC_8446DSC_8445DSC_8444DSC_8443DSC_8458DSC_8457DSC_8456DSC_8455DSC_8454DSC_8453DSC_8452DSC_8451DSC_8450DSC_8423DSC_8425DSC_8423

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