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Ring 8 Annual Picnic

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RING 8 – Family Picnic – Sunday – August 30th – 12 Noon – 6:00 PM – Brady Park – Massapequa Park, NY (L.I.)


Sunday – August 30th – 12 Noon – 6:00 PM

Brady Park – Massapequa Park, NY (L.I.)

12 Noon – Barbeque Begins – Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Macaroni & Potato Salads

4:00 PM – Desert Served (Coffee, Tea & Cookies)

* Soda, Beer & Water Included

Brady Park has a NEW Children’s Playground, Baseball field, Bocce & Basketball Courts, Shuffleboard & Horseshoe Grounds – All Overlooking a Beautiful Lake.

COST – $10.00 Per Person – Kids Under 12 – $7.00

$30.00 Per Family (4 or More)

Exit 31 on the Southern State Parkway bear right) to stop sign (Linden Street) make a left turn to 1st stop sign (Lakeshore Drive) make a right and continue on Lakeshore Drive for approx. 2 miles to Brady Park.

For information contact:
Bob Duffy – 516-313-2304

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4th Annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Ceremonies Another Success!


360 boxing fans and family members showed up for the 4th Annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Ceremonies.

The Living Inductees


4th Annual NY State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Dinner NYC-2015:

Mauricio Sulaiman President WBC honors the Legacy of Joseph Dwyer-2015 :


Bruce Silverglade owner of World Famous Boxing Gym Gleason’s NY-2015 :
DSC_4907 (800x559)

Living Inductees with the Nominating Committee

DSC_4910 (2) (800x510)

The Living Inductees with the Board of Directors

DSC_4904 (800x506)

Living Inductees with Posthumous Family members

DSC_4922 (800x534)

David Diamante

DSC_4919 (534x800)

Jack Hirsch

DSC_4924 (800x520)

Melvina Lathan

DSC_4916 (800x534)

John Holden with the 10 Count

DSC_6229 (800x515)

Harold Weston with David Diamante, Jack Hirsch and Melvina Lathan

DSC_4937 (800x519)

Lonnie Bradley with Bobby Cassidy Sr. and Bobby Cassidy Jr.

DSC_4942 (800x553)

Saoul Mamby

DSC_4995 (800x534)

The family of Billy Graham with Diamante, Henry Hascup, Charlie Norkus & President Bob Duffy

DSC_4956 (800x534)

Don Majeski accepting the Award for Micheal Katz, standing with Diamante and

DSC_5091 (800x540)

Joey Giambra Sr and Jr.

DSC_5099 (2) (800x527)

Bob Miller with Diamante, Lathan and Tommy Gallagher

DSC_5016 (800x533)

Ron Scott Stevens accepting the award for Cedric Kushner, standing with Diamante, Lathan and Cedric’s family member

DSC_4981 (532x800)

Bruce Silverglade

DSC_5034 (2) (800x545)

Tommy Gallagher with Diamante, Gina Andriolo, Lathan and Tommy wife

DSC_5121 (800x502)

Diamante, Rich Blake who made the presentation and wrote the book on Jimmy Slattery, with Jimmy’s Great Grand-kids and Lathan

DSC_5138 (800x561)

Bob Duffy with his wife Mary, Diamante, Ron McNair, Lathan and Keith Sullivan

DSC_5142 (800x512)

Neil Terens Inducts Harry Markson, Jimmy Johnston, Charlie Goldman, Al Weill, Damon Runyon and Johnny Persol

DSC_4939 (800x534)

Henry Hascup Inducts Frankie Genero, Paul Berlenbach and Tommy Ryan

DSC_5181 (800x547)

The WBC gives President Bob Duffy a Special Award

DSC_5155 (800x598)

The Family of the late Joe Dwyer

DSC_5170 (800x534)

The Family of the late Tony Mazzarella

DSC_5184 (800x531)

A FINAL 10 Count by John Holden in Memory of Joe Dwyer and Tony Mazzarella

DSC_5176 (800x574)

President of the WBC Mauricio Sulaiman accepts the Father Son Award on behalf of his Father, the late Jose Sulaiman, and himself

DSC_5190 (800x643)

Photographer Peter Frutkoff and Boxing Writer Bob Trieger accepts a pair of Special Awards, standing with Diamante and President Bob Duffy

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(800x533)DSC_5013 (800x576)DSC_5012 (800x569)DSC_5011 (2) (800x522)DSC_5010 (2) (800x510)DSC_5009 (2) (800x589)DSC_5008 (2) (800x577)DSC_5007 (2) (800x523)DSC_5034 (2) (800x545)DSC_5033 (2) (800x517)DSC_5032 (2) (800x536)DSC_5031 (2) (800x533)DSC_5030 (800x502)DSC_5029 (800x601)DSC_5028 (530x800)DSC_5027 (800x532)DSC_5026 (800x524)DSC_5025 (800x534)DSC_5024 (800x534)DSC_5023 (2) (800x531)DSC_5022 (800x531)DSC_5021 (800x532)DSC_5048 (800x495)DSC_5047 (800x395)DSC_5046 (800x464)DSC_5045 (507x800)DSC_5044 (2) (533x800)DSC_5043 (2) (800x766)DSC_5042 (2) (800x699)DSC_5041 (2) (532x800)DSC_5040 (2) (800x523)DSC_5039 (2) (567x800)DSC_5038 (2) (672x800)DSC_5037 (2) (800x509)DSC_5036 (2) (800x732)DSC_5035 (2) (800x534)DSC_5064 (517x800)DSC_5063 (800x519)DSC_5062 (800x534)DSC_5061 (800x532)DSC_5060 (800x518)DSC_5059 (800x514)DSC_5058 (530x800)DSC_5057 (516x800)DSC_5056 (800x533)DSC_5054 (800x518)DSC_5053 (800x522)DSC_5052 (800x531)DSC_5051 (800x513)DSC_5050 (510x800)DSC_5049 (706x800)DSC_5078 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(800x566)DSC_5135 (800x524)DSC_5134 (800x515)DSC_5133 (800x533)DSC_5132 (800x517)DSC_5131 (800x614)DSC_5130 (800x585)DSC_5129 (800x566)DSC_5128 (800x644)DSC_5127 (800x471)DSC_5126 (800x587)DSC_5125 (800x523)DSC_5124 (800x439)DSC_5123 (800x579)DSC_5122 (800x553)DSC_5164 (800x520)DSC_5163 (800x458)DSC_5162 (800x507)DSC_5161 (2) (800x474)DSC_5160 (800x558)DSC_5159 (800x532)DSC_5158 (800x526)DSC_5157 (800x532)DSC_5156 (800x534)DSC_5155 (800x598)DSC_5154 (800x532)DSC_5152 (800x551)DSC_5151 (800x542)DSC_5150 (800x581)DSC_5149 (800x608)DSC_5148 (800x543)DSC_5147 (800x534)DSC_5146 (800x581)DSC_5145 (800x608)DSC_5144 (2) (577x800)DSC_5143 (552x800)DSC_5142 (800x512)DSC_5141 (530x800)DSC_5140 (513x800)DSC_5139 (800x563)DSC_5138 (800x561)DSC_5137 (800x520)DSC_5136 (800x530)DSC_5193 (800x530)DSC_5192 (2) (800x641)DSC_5191 (800x710)DSC_5190 (800x643)DSC_5189 (800x588)DSC_5188 (800x549)DSC_5187 (800x490)DSC_5186 (800x559)DSC_5185 (800x547)DSC_5184 (800x531)DSC_5183 (800x549)DSC_5182 (800x513)DSC_5181 (800x547)DSC_5180 (800x577)DSC_5179 (800x505)DSC_5178 (800x574)DSC_5177 (800x553)DSC_5176 (800x574)DSC_5175 (800x571)DSC_5174 (800x564)DSC_5173 (800x595)DSC_5172 (800x609)DSC_5170 (800x534)DSC_5169 (800x634)DSC_5168 (800x681)DSC_5167 (800x533)DSC_5166 (800x479)DSC_5165 (800x439)DSC_5201 (800x688)DSC_5200 (538x800)DSC_5199 (603x800)DSC_5198 (800x534)DSC_5197 (800x534)DSC_5196 (575x800)DSC_5195 (630x800)DSC_5194 (800x524)DSC_6219 (800x529)DSC_6218 (800x529)DSC_6214 (800x516)DSC_6213 (800x528)DSC_6212 (800x497)DSC_6210 (800x528)DSC_6209 (800x529)DSC_6208 (800x529)DSC_6206 (800x511)DSC_6205 (800x519)DSC_6204 (800x512)DSC_6203 (800x510)DSC_6232 (529x800)DSC_6231 (800x530)DSC_6230 (800x521)DSC_6229 (800x515)DSC_6226 (605x800)DSC_6225 (800x530)DSC_6224 (743x800)DSC_6223 (608x800)DSC_6222 (517x800)DSC_6221 (554x800)DSC_6220 (800x511)DSC_4879_(800x515)[1]DSC_4880_(800x533)[1]DSC_6230_(800x521)[1]DSC_6231_(800x530)[1]DSC_6232_(529x800)[1]DSC_6309_(651x800)[1]DSC_6310_(521x800)[1]DSC_6311_(502x800)[1]DSC_6312_(800x582)[1]DSC_6313_(800x518)[1]DSC_6317_(800x517)[1]DSC_6318_(800x513)[1]DSC_6319_(800x515)[1]DSC_6320_(800x521)[1]DSC_6321_(800x504)[1]DSC_6332_(800x530)[1]DSC_6333_(800x526)[1]DSC_6334_(800x525)[1]DSC_6335_(800x530)[1]DSC_6336_(800x548)[1]DSC_6337_(800x519)[1]DSC_6339_(800x529)[1]DSC_6340_(516x800)[1]DSC_6342_(640x800)[1]DSC_6344_(791x800)[1]DSC_6345_(800x726)[1]DSC_6349_(800x497)[1]DSC_6350_(800x452)[1]DSC_5080 (800x533)DSC_5079 (800x499)DSC_4912 (507x800)DSC_4889 (2) (800x533)DSC_4899 (800x522)DSC_4898 (2) (510x800)DSC_4897 (2) (534x800)DSC_4896 (2) (800x521)DSC_4895 (2) (800x511)DSC_4894 (2) (800x521)DSC_4893 (2) (800x532)DSC_4892 (2) (800x504)DSC_4891 (2) (800x532)DSC_4890 (2) (523x800)DSC_4888 (2) (800x520)DSC_4887 (2) (800x517)DSC_4886 (2) (800x534)DSC_4885 (2) (800x534)DSC_4884 (2) (515x800)DSC_4883 (2) (800x518)DSC_4865 (800x501)DSC_4866 (800x520)DSC_4867 (522x800)DSC_4869 (800x520)DSC_4868 (800x533)DSC_4882 (2) (800x534)DSC_4877 (800x533)DSC_4881 (800x522)DSC_4879 (800x515)DSC_4863 (800x533)DSC_4864DSC_4864 (800x519)DSC_4864 (800x519)DSC_4863 (800x533)DSC_4876 (800x508)DSC_4875 (800x532)DSC_4874 (800x524)DSC_4873 (800x525)DSC_4872 (800x534)DSC_4871 (800x534)DSC_4870 (800x521)

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New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Information

* The 4th annual NYSBHOF induction dinner will be held Sunday afternoon (12:30-5:30 p.m. ET), April 26, at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York.

Ring 8 - 2015 Flier-2

Living boxers heading into the NYSBHOF are Bronx-born and Brooklyn resident Saoul Mamby (45-34-6, 19 KOs), a World Boxing Council (WBC) junior middleweight champion (1980-82) and Vietnam Veteran, Buffalo middleweight Joey Giambra (65-10-2, 31 KOs), Brooklyn light heavyweight and 1961 National Golden Gloves champion Johnny Persol (22-5-1, 7 KOs), two-time world welterweight title challenger Harold Weston (26-9-5, 7 KOs), and World Boxing Organization (WBO) middleweight champion (1995-97) and 1992 National Golden Gloves winner Lonnie Bradley (29-1-1, 21 KOs), of Harlem.

Posthumous participants being inducted are world light heavyweight champion (1925-26) Paul “Astoria Assassin” Berlenbach (40-8-3, 33 KOs), “uncrowned” world welterweight champ Billy Graham (102-15-9, 102 KOs) from Manhattan’s East Side, two-time world flyweight champion (1929 & 1931) and 1920 Olympic gold medallist Frankie Genaro, Redwood’s world welterweight (1898-94) and Syracuse middleweight (1998-1907) champion Tommy Ryan (90-6-11, 71 KOs), and Buffalo’s world light heavyweight champion (1925 & 1930) Jimmy Slattery (114-13, 51 KOs).

Non-participants heading into the NYSBHOF are former NYSAC deputy commissioner and promoter, as well as current NYSBHOF/Ring 8 president Bob Duffy, former New York Times and New York Daily News boxing columnist Mike Katz, Albany promoter/cutman Bob Miller, owner of the world renown Gleason’s Gym, Bruce Silverglade and longtime trainer and one of the stars of the TV Show “The Contender” Tommy Gallagher.

Posthumous non-participants inductees are Brooklyn trainer Charley Goldman (28-6-2, 19 KOs) who also fought professionally in the early 1900’s, Madison Square Garden matchmaker Jimmy Johnston, Madison Square Garden president Harry Markson, of Kingston, celebrated Bronx sportswriter Damon Runyon, manager/matchmaker Al Weill & elite promoter Cedric Kushner, who just recently passed away.

For more information contact President Bob Duffy, 164 Lindbergh St., Massapequa Park, NY 11762 – 516-313-2304

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R.I.P. – The Waterfront Crabhouse

     Waterfront Crab House closes– after nearly 40 years in business


Tony Mazzarelli

Tony Mazzarelli

Feb. 17, By Christian Murray The Waterfront Crab House, one of the last vestiges of Long Island City, closed for good Sunday. The closure comes just three weeks after the owner of the long-time establishment Tony Mazzarella passed away. He had owned the Crab House, located at 2-03 Borden Avenue, for decades. The Waterfront Crab House first opened its doors at in 1977 and Mazzarella quickly filled it with boxing and historic memorabilia dating back to the early 1900s. On Monday, the sporting memorabilia still hung from the walls. A sign was placed on the front door of the Crab House Sunday that read: “It is with deep regret and heavy hearts that we inform you that due to the passing of Tony Mazzarella we must close the Waterfront Crabhouse.” One of Mazzarella’s children was at the restaurant Monday but did not want to discuss what his plans are for the restaurant or the real estate. Many people have held weddings, parties and social events at the Crab House over the years. The site has a lot of history; there was a bar at 2-03 Borden Avenue back in the 1880s.


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R.I.P. – Joe Dwyer

When it rains it pours, Joe Dwyer just passed away this evening He was at Winthrop hospital schedule for a procedure tomorrow …we will forward more information when it becomes available …

      Joe Dwyer

I just got off the phone with Ring 8 President Bob Duffy who actually E-Mailed me the sad news and Bob told me that Joe was sitting up today and even talked on the phone with several people. He was found unresponsive!

Middleweight Champ of the U.S. Navy’s 6th fleet in 1958, NYS Middleweight Champion and the Metropolitan AAU Middleweight Champion . . . Had 59 amateur bouts and won 56 . . . Began work as an inspector for the New York State Athletic Commission in 1983 and became a chief inspector . . . Licensed boxing judge since 1995 . . . Has supervised or judged over 30 title bouts and worked such big fights as Felix Trinidad – Troy Waters, Oscar De La Hoya – Derrell Coley and Paul Ingle-Junior Jones . . Former Championship Chairman of the IBF and the former President of the NABF.

Lets all keep all Joe’s Loved ones in our thoughts and Prayers!

Wake will be held this Thursday at Dalton Funeral Home, 29 Atlantic Ave, Floral Park, NY 11001, Hours 2-5 and 7-9 – President Bob Duffy will be doing the FINAL 10 count sometime after 8 PM.

Funeral Mass to be held on Friday at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, Elmont, NY on Friday at 9:30 AM





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Popular promoter Cedric Kushner dies of heart attack at 66

Cedric Kushner, a big man who had a knack for promoting the biggest men in boxing, died Thursday in New York after suffering a heart attack, his longtime friend, promoter Lou DiBella, told Yahoo Sports. He was 66.

DiBella was a health proxy for Kushner and was called to the hospital when the South African was stricken.

“I’m just getting to the hospital now, but I’d spoken to the doctors and they had him on life support,” DiBella said. “He was suffering and I was going to the hospital to pull the plug, and he died while I was on the way.”

Kushner promoted a number of stars, including Shane Mosley, and major heavyweights, including former champion Hasim Rahman, David Tua and Ike Ibeabuchi. But until Rahman knocked out Lewis in a stunning upset in South Africa in 2001, none of Kushner’s heavyweights could win the big one.

.Cedric Kushner (Getty Images)But Kushner’s joy at finally having a heavyweight champion was short-lived. Shortly after defeating Lewis, Rahman signed with promoter Don King. Kushner sued King under federal racketeering statutes.

Kushner was a gregarious man with a walrus moustache and a large belly. He was 5-foot-8, but ballooned at one point to 350 pounds before having gastric bypass surgery.

He lost a great deal of weight, which he told reporter Tom Hauser made him extremely proud.

From an elephant to a greyhound, is what I say. For the first time in years, I’m optimistic about my life. I can’t tell you how much gratitude I feel toward the people who cared enough about me to comment constructively on my physical condition in the past; even though, at times, their comments aggravated me. And I can’t tell you how inspired I am now by the positive things that people are saying to me. I’ve been given a second chance at life that, a month ago, I didn’t think I’d ever have.

Kushner and DiBella were fast friends and socialized together, at home in New York, where they’d tell hilarious war stories at the Palm restaurant, as well as on the road, where they’d talk into the early morning hours.

“He was one of boxing’s great characters,” DiBella said of Kushner. “People forget quickly in boxing, but for a decade-and-a-half, he was one of the biggest promoters in the world. He was a true character. This guy sounded like he went to Oxford, with an accent that sounded so noble and regal, but who basically never got out of grammar school. He jumped ship and was shining shoes and cleaning pools at the Fontainebleau Hotel [in Miami].

“He was a completely self-made man, and he rose all the way to the top. He was on top of the world at one point and was a major figure in this point. He lost it all late in life, sadly, but I talked to him at … a funeral, and he told me he wanted to take one more run at it and come up with another big thing. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance.”

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