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Sunnyside Garden Shadow Box Film Festival

“Sunnyside” To Premiere At Shadow Box Film Fest

BY The Sweet Science ON November 19, 2014



A Ticket Back in Time -Legendary Fight Club Featured at Shadow Box Film Festival

They are all gone now. St. Nick’s, the 5th Street Gym, Stillman’s, Sunnyside Garden. The legendary gyms and fight clubs from boxing’s Golden Age have long been replaced. But there still is a place where fight fans can relive the memories of Sunnyside Garden, the last of New York’s fabled fight clubs.

Premiering at this year’s Shadow Box Film Festival is the documentary, “Sunnyside,” which takes an indepth look at the building that launched the careers of hundreds of fighters.

“If you are at all nostalgic about the Golden Age of New York City boxing, than you don’t want to miss the screening of Sunnyside,” said David Schuster, executive director of the Shadow Box Film Festival. “Watching this movie, you can almost smell the cigar smoke and taste the water-downed beer. For anyone who has been to Sunnyside Garden this film is a mandatory trip down memory lane.”

Sunnyside Garden was one of New York’s hottest fight clubs from 1947 until 1977. So many legendary fighters turned pro at the venue or fought there early in their careers. Billy Graham, Floyd Patterson, Bobby Cassidy, Vito Antuofermo, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Gerry Cooney, Mustafa Hamsho and Saoul Mamby are just some of the fighters who have graced the ring at Sunnyside.

“Sunnyside Garden was an important part of my childhood,” said the film’s director, Chris Cassidy. “My father holds the record for most main events at Sunnyside. It became this mythical building to our family. When they demolished it, it was like they took away a part of my childhood. I wanted to make this film to recreate that atmosphere, to bring all those memories back to life.”

The film features Bobby Cassidy, U.S. Congressman Peter King, Antuofermo, Cooney, Hamsho, Harold Lederman, Lenny Mangiapane, Henny Wallitsch, Bob Duffy, Ron Ross, Gene Moore and many others from the fight game. It will be screened at 1 p.m. on Dec. 5 and 6.

Since its inception in 2012 through this year’s event, the Shadow Box Film Festival will have showcased 68 films about boxing.The films for the 2014 festival were shot or produced in seven countries — Ireland, England, Canada, New Zealand, Cuba, United States and Sweden.

WHAT: The Shadow Box Film Festival

WHERE: SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street (8th and 9th Avenues)

WHEN: Friday, December 5, and Saturday, December 6, 2014

TICKETS: Call – 1-800-838-3006 or visit:




TWITTER: @boxingfestival

INSTAGRAM: ShadowBoxFilmFestival

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Sunnyside Street co-named after famous sporting arena

Sept. 23, By Christian Murray

City officials and boxing enthusiasts turned out Saturday for the co-naming of 45th Street to pay tribute to the now-demolished Sunnyside Garden Arena where fighters and wrestlers used to duke it out.

The Sunnyside Garden Arena, a 2,000-seat venue that was once located where Wendy’s now stands at 44-11 Queens Blvd, hosted boxing events from 1945 to 1977 during the golden years of NYC boxing. Many famous fighters from that era got their start at the arena, and it was a stepping stone to the brighter lights of Madison Square Garden.

Members of the Ring 8 Boxing Association, a group for retired boxers, unveiled the new street sign along with Dave Diamante, the official announcer at the Barclays Center, and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

Two years ago, many of the same boxing enthusiasts came out when a memorial was placed on the front lawn of Wendy’s that also marked the location.

John Edebohls, who was raised just a couple of blocks away from the arena, said when the memorial was unveiled:“This place launched many careers: Emile Griffith [middleweight world champ] and Jose Torres [light heavyweight world champ].”

The arena was where Gerry Cooney launched his professional career, Edebolhs said. Cooney would go on to fight Larry Holmes in 1982 for the heavyweight title. Cooney lost.

Luke Adams, a member of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, said when the monument was unveiled that the arena was not just for boxing. “They had proms there, they made a movie there (Mr. Universe), and in 1960 John F. Kennedy had one of the first rallies of his Presidential campaign there.”

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New Title For Former Boxing Showground


On September 20th, New York City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer was joined by Bob Duffy, President of Ring 8, Dave Diamante, official announcer for the Barclays Center, historians and neighborhood residents to officially rename 45th Street and Queens Boulevard after Sunnyside Garden Arena. In this photo, Council Member Van Bramer is joined by Bob Duffy, President of Ring 8, and Dave Diamante, boxing enthusiast and the voice of the Brooklyn Nets.

A Sunnyside street corner now recalls the former site of a storied sports venue that once hosted boxing matches, wrestling competitions, roller derbies, proms, and even a presidential rally. Last Saturday, 45th Street and Queens Boulevard was officially co-named “Sunnyside Garden Arena Way” in a ceremony led by City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, Ring 8 President Bob Duffy, Barclays Center announcer Dave Diamante and local residents. It is believed that the 2,000-seat, red brick arena was originally built as a private tennis club or the carriage house for millionaire Jay Gould II in the 1920s. The venue became a boxing arena in 1945, and hosted Golden Gloves tournaments and fights with such big names as Floyd Patterson and Gerry Cooney. In 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy gave a stump speech there during his successful run for the president of the United States. The arena also hosted wrestling cards until it was sold in 1977 and torn down. Currently, a Wendy’s restaurant operates on the property. This is actually the second honor for the arena, as a monument to it was installed on the property near the Wendy’s in October 2012.

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4th Annual Ring 8 Picnic another HUGE Success!

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Ring 8 Picnic this Sunday in Glen Cove

Ring 8 Picnic 2014

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Special Announcement- Boxers to receive health insurance through ObamaCare and Medicaid



The New York State Athletic Commission is hosting an Open House for boxers that live and train in NYS to receive health insurance through ObamaCare and Medicaid.

Many boxers do not have health insurance, and most boxers get injured during training. The NYSAC will provide you with as much information as possible about health insurance options so that you can train with peace of mind without having to worry about how to pay a hospital bill or a prescription for medicine when you get injured.

Read the attached flyer about the Open House. This is a great opportunity.

Work with the New York State Athletic Commission and help protect


When: July 21st and July 30th from 9-5pm

Where: New York State Athletic Commission

123 William Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10038

Walk-ins are welcome. However, you should call ahead of time to make an appointment and find out what you need to bring. To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions, please contact NYSAC at 212-417-5700

Health Care for Boxers

Health Care for Boxers2


Bobby Gagliardi (Gleason)                                                               Bobby Gagliardi (Gleason)

Old Timers
Old Time Champions

Freddie Brown & Bob Pastor

                                                     Bob Pastor and Freddie Brown 1938

Ali & Dundee                                                     Angelo Dundee with Muhammad Ali

Graziano & Volpe

Bob Foster

Jake & Joey LaMotta

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Emile Griffith Tombstone Dedication

Emile Griffith Tombstone Dedication

Emile Griffith Tombstone Dedication1


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