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Sunday Dec 11th Ring 8 Holiday Awards Dinner–Russo’s On The Bay

Time is running out, everyone should try to put in an AD in for our event.

The event is next Sunday, and we still have plenty of room so get your tickets now!


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Bob Duffy is home from the Hospital

Bob Duffy was discharged from the hospital ( mount Sinai ) this afternoon …he is recovering at home after several complications …


He wants to thank everyone for their prayers from his family at Ring 8 and that he will get back with each and every one of you within the next few days

Thank you one and all for helping me through this trying time

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This Sunday’s Ring 8 Family Picnic Postponed

NEW YORK (August 23, 2015) – Due to unforeseen circumstances this Sunday afternoon’s annual Ring 8 Family Picnic, sponsored by Lou DiBella, has been postponed to a later date at Brady Park in Massapequa Reserve, Nassau on Long Island, New York.

ABOUT RING 8: Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association — hence, RING 8 — and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.

RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.

Go on line to for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, with a current boxing license or book are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership. Guests of Ring 8 members are welcome at a cost of only $7.00 per person.




CONTACT: Bob Trieger, Full Court PRESS, 978.664.4482, @fightpublicist


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Glen Cove Boxing Club Dedication Ceremony Set for July 31, 2016 Club to be Renamed Howard Davis Jr. Glen Cove Boxing Club


July 21, 2016, Glen Cove, NY…Glen Cove takes great pride in honoring individuals whose personal and professional achievements reach beyond the City’s borders and yet, their hometown roots remain eternally connected. Howard Davis Jr. was one such individual and while the City and boxing community mourned his passing late last year, his memory will remain firmly embedded in the Glen Cove community with a special dedication ceremony scheduled for July 31 at 2 p.m. at the Glen Cove Boxing Club.


“Howard Davis Jr. was such a vital part of the Glen Cove community that we wanted to make sure his legacy lives on in the sport that brought him Olympic Gold,” said Mayor Spinello. Based on a suggestion from a local resident, Mayor Spinello will rename the Glen Cove Boxing Club, the Howard Davis Jr. Glen Cove Boxing Club. As part of the dedication ceremony, Howard’s wife Karla Guadamuz-Davis, his children, members of the Glen Cove Boxing Club and the Glen Cove Housing Authority will participate in this dedication ceremony. All area residents are invited to attend the Sunday afternoon event.

Howard Davis Jr. and the Glen Cove Community

In August, 2015 Howard Davis Jr., during a hometown visit with his wife Karla Guadamuz-Davis and daughter Samiha, visited City Hall where Glen Cove Mayor Reggie Spinello presented Davis Jr. with the City’s flag. On that day, Howard shared with residents his fond memories about his family, growing up in Glen Cove on Mason Drive, his cancer diagnosis and personal mission to “clobber cancer” with the establishment of his Howard Davis Jr. Foundation. The Foundation provides education and financial support for individuals suffering from cancer and encourages alternative methods for fighting this deadly disease. Sadly, Howard Davis Jr. passed away four months later on December 30, 2015 from stage 4 cancer.

At a special memorial service hosted by the City and the Glen Cove Housing Authority on January 16, 2016, Mayor Spinello told Howard’s family, friends and fans that he wanted to do something special to keep a local hero and mentor’s memory at the forefront of the community. The idea, one that was suggested by a longtime Glen Cove Boxing Club member Frank Pena, was to rename the facility the Howard Davis Jr. Boxing Club. Mayor Spinello then told guests that he would do that dedication on July 31, 2016 – the 40th Anniversary of Howard winning the Olympic Gold Medal for boxing and receiving the Val Barker Trophy, an award bestowed upon the most outstanding boxer of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal.


Earlier this year, the Glen Cove Housing Authority renamed the apartment building where Howard grew up to be called the Howard Davis Jr. Complex. That recognition follows a past tribute in 2009 which featured the unveiling of an outdoor mural on Mason Drive. Commissioned by the Housing Authority, the mural created by artist Debbie Viola, depicts Howard with his father, Howard Davis Sr. and an angel in memory of his mother. At the same location, a street was also named in his honor.

The Glen Cove Boxing Club

The original Glen Cove Boxing Club was established in 1972 and throughout the years has provided aspiring boxers and athletes – men and women – with a place to hone their jabs, right hooks and footwork. Howard Davis Jr. was a member of the Club and spent many hours working on his boxing skills with his father, Howard Davis Sr. and local trainers. Under the auspices of Glen Cove’s Parks & Recreation Department, the Glen Cove Boxing Club recently underwent an extensive renovation and was proud to support the efforts of top female boxer, Emily Colon, who recently won a silver medal in the NY Daily News’ Golden Gloves competition.
The Club is located at the Carney Street Exit (Off the Glen Cove Arterial Highway/Route 107 – Glen Cove Day Care Entrance) in Glen Cove and it is open weeknights from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and weekends by appointment.
The Howard Davis Jr. Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to preserve the legacy of Howard Davis Jr. and for more information visit


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War at the Shore

Here’s the pictures from the event Ring 8 ran:


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Keith “One Time” Thurman and former champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter, will come to Barclays Center on Saturday, June 25


An action-packed primetime doubleheader of world title fights, headlined by the explosive clash between welterweight champion Keith “One Time” Thurman and former champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter, will come to Barclays Center on Saturday, June 25.


The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on CBS presented by Premier Boxing Champions telecast will begin with a featherweight battle between current champion Jesus Cuellar and former three-division world champion Abner Mares.

Barclays Center | Brooklyn Nets | New York Islanders
15 MetroTech Center, 11th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11201
fax 718.522.3381

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5th Annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Ceremonies Another Success!


5th annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame

Class of 2016 inducted in festive ceremony

Class of 2016 NYSBHOF

NYSBHOF Class of 2016 (L-R): Seated – Vilomar Fernandez, Dennis Rappaport, Randy Gordon and Ed Brophy; Standing: Aaron Davis and Joe DeGuardia


-All pictures by Peter Frutkoff-


NEW YORK (April 4, 2016) – More than 300 people packed Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, NY this past Sunday for the fifth annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame (NYSBHOF) induction dinner,



NYSBHOF Class of 2015




World welterweight champion (’90-91) Aaron “Superman” Davis                                    Bronx

World junior welterweight champion (’93-94) Charles “The Natural” Murray                   Buffalo

Two-time world lightweight title challenger Vilomar Fernandez                                       Bronx

World lightweight title challenger Edwin Viruet.                                                                         New York City



4-time, 3-division world champion Hector “Macho” Camacho                                          Spanish Harlem

World middleweight champion (1952) Rocky Graziano                                                     Brooklyn

World lightweight (’25-26) titlist Rocky Kansas                                                                 Buffalo

2-time world bantamweight titleholder Joe Lynch                                                             Brooklyn

“Uncrowned welterweight champion” Joe Miceli                                                               Buffalo




International Boxing Hall of Fame executive director Ed Brophy                                         Canastota

Promoter Joe DeGuardia                                                                                              Bronx

Commissioner/media personality Randy Gordon                                                             Melville

Promoter/manager Dennis Rappaport                                                                            Queens



Manager Howie Albert                                                                                                  Bronx

Trainer/cutman Freddie Brown                                                                                      Manhattan

New York City television commentator Howard Cosell                                                     New York City

Boxer/referee Ruby Goldstein                                                                                        Manhattan

Manager Jimmy Jacobs                                                                                                New York City


The 2016 inductees were selected by the NYSBHOF nominating committee members: Jack Hirsch, Steve Farhood, Bobby Cassidy, Jr., Don Majeski, Henry Hascup, Ron McNair, Angelo Prospero and Neil Terens.


Each inductee will receive a custom-designed belt signifying his induction into the NYSBHOF. Plaques are on display at the New York State Athletic Commission.


All boxers needed to be inactive for at least three years in order to be eligible for NYSBHOF induction, and all inductees must have resided in New York State for a significant portion of their boxing careers or during the prime of their respective career.

Brophy (2)

(L-R) – Bob Duffy, Don Majeski, Ed Brophy and Jill Diamond (WBC)

Ed Brophy: “I’d like to thank the committee of the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame and Ring 8, a wonderful group that sponsors the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame. I’m so proud to have been born in New York, in the small town of Canastota, where boxing is in our blood. I’m thrilled to be honored today. My name is attached to the International Boxing Hall of Fame as director, but so many different people help out. I only accept this honor on their behalf. Boxing is the greatest sport. Congratulations to all of the inductees. This is the greatest day of my life.”


(L-R) – Ron McNair, Aaron Davis and Bob Duffy

Aaron Davis: Thanks, Ring 8. Boxing is a hard sport. It was much harder in the gym. I saw Gerry Cooney, Iran Barkley and Roberto Duran and wanted to do what those guys did and it made me a fighter I was. I’d like to thank my father and Billy Giles, who was my trainer. I’d also like to thank Joe DeGuardia, who managed me later in my career, and thanks to everybody who supported me.”

Rappaport (2)

(L-R) — Bob Duffy, Dennis Rappaport and family

Dennis Rappaport: “It seems like yesterday when a six or seven year old living in Brooklyn watched a fight between Jake LaMotta and Jim Hairston. This young man was mesmerized. The next month he watched Sugar Ray Robinson knockout Rocky Graziano and that was the start of a love affair that’s lasted 63 years. Boxing, at its best, is poetry in motion. It’s Shapespeare, Picasso, Rembrandt. But it can also be crude. I started in boxing managing three fighters: Ronnie Harris, Gerry Cooney and Howard Davis. Jr. Because of the creative marketing of our fighters, one reporter called me and my partner, Mike Jones, ‘The Gold Dust Twins’ but then the media starting calling us, ‘The Wacko Twins.’ I preferred ‘The Gold Dust Twins.”

JoeD (2)

(L-R – Jack Hirsch, Joe DeGuardia and Bob Duffy

Joe DeGuardia: It’s a real pleasure, honor and privilege to be inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame. Like many of you here, I live and bleed boxing, which has been a big part of my life. Four months ago, I received the (Ring 8 at its Holiday awards dinner) Promoter of the Year award. I said then that we are truly a family of boxing; it’s a real brotherhood. I also talked about how boxing tied into lire. In that room – not with us now – was my father who passed away three weeks ago. Because of him, I developed this love of boxing that I’ve carried in life: work hard to do the best you can in life. I’m truly honored to be inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame. In honor of my father and everybody else who loves this sport. I accept on behalf of my father who, I know, is watching us now.”

murray5 (2)

(L-R) – Charles Murray and Bob Duffy

Charles Murray: “They called me, ‘The Natural.’ I appreciate this, being honored for my contributions to boxing. Thank you very much.”

vilomar (2)

(L-R) – Steve Farhood, Vilomar Fernandez and Bob Duffy

Vilomar Fernandez: “It wasn’t easy fighting guys like Roberto Duran and Alexis Arguello. They were the best in the world. I’m thankful for the opportunities to fight them, I’m honored today.”

Gordon (2)

(L-R) – Henry Hascup, Randy Gordon, Melvina Lathan, Bob Duffy and Gerry Cooney

Randy Gordon: “Thank you, everyone. This amazing event we have every year, I never expected this would happen. My career was born out of the aches of one of boxing’s biggest scandals, the US Championships on ABC, promoted by Don King, and Ring Magazine produced the ratings for the tournament. It turned out the ratings and some of the records were padded and it just about knocked Ring Magazine out of business. Bert Randolph Sugar hired me to be its Editor In Chief. Working together, we brought Ring Magazine back from the dead. I burst into tears when Jack Hirsch called to tell me I was being inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame. This is an absolute dream. Anybody who has ever or will ever be inducted into any hall of fame, nobody can possibly enjoy this more than me. I love boxing with every ounce of my body. My wife and family drive me back into boxing. This is the greatest honor. I can’t get enough of boxing. I’m truly the luckiest man ever placed on this planet.”

Brophy, Majeski, Hirsch, DeGuardia (2)

(L-R) – Ed Brophy, Don Majeski, Jack Hirsch and Joe DeGuardia

Berlin & Lederman (2)

NYSAC Executive Director Dave Berlin and Harold Lederman

DeGuardia and Duffy (2)

(L-R) – Joe DeGuardia and NYSBHOF/Ring 8 president Bob Duffy


CLASS of 2012: Carmen Basilio, Mike McCallum, Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, Riddick Bowe, Carlos Ortiz, Vito Antuofermo, Emile Griffith, “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney, Benny Leonard, Tony Canzoneri, Harold Lederman, Steve Acunto, Jimmy Glenn, Gil Clancy, Ray Arcel, Nat Fleischer, Bill Gallo and Arthur Mercante, Sr.


CLASS of 2013: Jack Dempsey, Johnny Dundee, Sandy Saddler, Maxie Rosenbloom, Joey Archer, Iran Barkley, Mark Breland, Bobby Cassidy, Doug Jones, Junior Jones, James “Buddy” McGirt, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Bob Arum, Shelly Finkel, Tony Graziano, Larry Merchant, Teddy Brenner, Mike Jacobs, Tex Rickard and Don Dunphy.


CLASS OF 2014: Floyd Patterson, Tracy Harris Patterson, Billy Backus, Kevin Kelley, Juan LaPorte, Gerry Cooney, Mustafa Hamsho, Howard Davis, Jr., Lou Ambers, Jack Britton, Terry McGovern, Teddy Atlas, Lou DiBella, Steve Farhood, Gene Moore, Angelo Prospero, Whitey Bimstein, Cus D’Amato, William Muldoon and Tom O’Rourke.


CLASS OF 2015: Saoul Mamby, Joey Giambra, Johnny Persol, Harold Weston, Lonnie Bradley, Paul Berlenbach, Billy Graham, Frankie Genaro, Bob Miller, Tommy Ryan, Jimmy Slattery, Bob Duffy, Mike Katz, Tommy Gallagher, Bruce Silverglade, Charley Goldman, Jimmy Johnston, Cedric Kushner, Harry Markson, Damon Runyon and Al Weill.




ABOUT RING 8: Formed in 1954 by an ex-prizefighter, Jack Grebelsky, Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association – hence, RING 8 – and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.


RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.


Go on line to for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership. Guests of Ring 8 members are welcome at a cost of only $7.00 per person.


Bob Trieger, Full Court PRESS, 978.590.0470,


New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Flier 2016

The following Pictures were taken by Stan Janousek  (professional fight name Stanley Yanachek)


CLASS OF 2016 along with the Nominating Committee and President Bob Duffy


Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Jack Hirsch Inducting Ruby Goldstein with his relative accepting the Award


Don Majeski Inducting the Executive Director of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Ed Brophy


Ron McNair Inducting Aaron (Superman) Davis


Bobby Cassidy Sr. and Jr. Inducting Joe Miceli with Joe’s wife and family accepting the Award


President Bob Duffy Inducting Rocky Graziano with Rocky’s daughter and grandson accepting the Award


Henry Hascup and Gerry Cooney Inducting Randy Gordon with Melvina Lathan and Bob Duffy looking on


Henry Hascup Inducting Howie Albert as Howie’s brother and family accept the Award


Jack Hirsch Inducting Joe DeGuardia


Steve Farhood Inducting Freddie Brown with the family accepting the Award


Henry Hascup Inducting Joe Lynch as his family accept the Award


President Bob Duffy Inducting Charles “The Natural” Murray


Steve Farhood Inducting Vilomar Fernandez


Neil Terens Inducting Jimmy Jacobs


Bobby Cassidy Jr. Inducting Hector Camacho


Steve Farhood Inducting Howard Cosell and Edwin Viruet


Henry Hascup Inducting Rocky Kansas


Dennis Rappaport being Inducted by Don Majeski




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